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Peruvian Gangs Murdering People for their Fat.


peru-fat-cp-7687633Stealing what most people would give away for free.

Here’s a nice little snippet (probably not to be read at the breakfast table). Three gang members in Peru have been arrested and have confessed to killing people in order to drain the fat from their bodies for sale on the black market. They told police that the fat, which is apparently used in cosmetics, fetches $16,000 a litre. Lovely.

The odd thing is though that, as medical experts pointed out, there are more than enough living people happily willing to freely donate their fat (please – take it!) to make a black market for the tissue obsolete. It certainly seems an odd thing to go around killing people for, when surely (if murder for body parts is your line of work) there ore other much more lucrative bits and pieces to be had. I’m sure a heart or a kidney would fetch a tidier sum than a litre of blubber.

Also, one has to wonder why they went to the trouble of killing people for their fat (all that mess, the inconvenient jail time), when a far simpler option would have been to set up shop in the cosmetics industry and charge people for the privilege of having it extracted.

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