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Hacks to Help Combat Dry Skin and Clogged Pores

Treating Dry Skin and Clogged Pores
Treating Dry Skin and Clogged Pores
Treating Dry Skin and Clogged Pores
Treating Dry Skin and Clogged Pores. Stock image.

Treating Dry Skin and Clogged Pores: What you need to know to restore balanced skin tone, from causes, treatment & the use of cosmetics & remedies. 

The other day, you were applying sunscreen while looking in the mirror when it hit you—your skin is looking dry in some areas and broken out in others.

This realization is understandably troubling, especially since you pride yourself on taking great care of your skin.

Actually, some of the most common skin care techniques can lead to both dry skin and clogged pores, which are often the cause of breakouts. To help improve the appearance of your skin, it’s important to first identify what you might be doing to have irritated skin, as well as which alternative habits and products can keep these issues at bay.

Common Causes of Clogged Pores

While a combination of dead skin cells and sebum typically lead to blocked pores, some of the skincare products that you may be using are not helping the situation. For instance, foundations and other cosmetics, lotions and sunscreens may block the pores, which can lead to acne—even if you are well past your teen years. Acne can develop when your pores get clogged from things like oily makeup and skin care products. While some women who get adult acne also had it as teens, up to 40 percent of them get it for the first time as an adult, reports the American Academy of Dermatology Association.

Why and How Skin Dries Out

You might have read that if you use too much shampoo too often, your hair will dry out. The same is true for the skin on your face. Washing your face multiple times a day with a strong soap and then rinsing with hot water can ultimately dry out the skin instead of merely cleaning it. Also, if you are a fan of exfoliating products and use them pretty regularly, this can also lead to dry skin that is itchy and uncomfortable.

Clearing Up Clogged Pores

To help eliminate clogged pores as much as you can, the first step is to stop using heavy and oily makeups and other products. Instead, opt for lighter versions of foundations, sunscreens and lotions. Choosing products made for sensitive skin is a great place to start. Next, take steps to clear your pores on a regular basis with an old-fashioned trick your grandma might have used like holding your face over a bowl of hot water and letting the steam help open things up.

Easy Tips to Alleviate Dry Skin

A combination of natural remedies and quality skincare products should help you say farewell to dry skin once and for all. Sunflower seed oil is a lightweight oil that improves hydration in the skin when used as a moisturizer. Also, if you have a canister of oatmeal hanging around in your pantry, whirl some of in a blender to turn it into a powder and then add it to a warm—not hot—bath. Also, when choosing skincare products, look for hyaluronic acid on the label. Wondering what hyaluronic acid is and if it’s safe? It is not only safe but natural. This substance is produced by the body to bind water and keep the tissues well balanced and hydrated. When added to skincare products, it can help alleviate dry skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Great-Looking Skin Can Be Yours

Skin issues are like many other problems in life: once you identify what is causing them in the first place, you can take steps to alleviate them. By staying away from heavy and oily skincare products and a harsh cleaning routine and opting for more gentle cosmetics and cleansers, the skin you see in the mirror should soon be back to its usual beautiful self.