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Ways of Getting Rid of Double Chin, NYC Edition

Getting Rid of Double Chin
Getting Rid of Double Chin Naturally with Kybella.
Getting Rid of Double Chin
Getting Rid of Double Chin Naturally with Kybella

Getting Rid of Double Chin Without Surgery Naturally:  How non invasive surgical procedures like Kybella offer new solutions in altering one’s appearance.

The world is a totally different place right now. And while many will claim that it has become a more dangerous place to live in, it’s truth universally accepted that the world is a much better place now when compared with the past.

One can think of things such as body images to illustrate this. We’ve made great progress as negative body images are now out of the question. It’s everyone’s choice to choose the body they are comfortable with. All the major magazines ensure that the models they choose are representative of a much wider spectrum of body images. If just a few years ago the norm was skinny, now virtually all body types are represented. 

Even though we’ve made  tremendous progress, people still have the right to decide the body type they are comfortable with. If someone wants to turn from chubby to skinny because that’s how they feel comfortable, it’s their right. Also, there are fat-related problems that are genetic in nature.

One major area that is often an issue, even for leaner people, is the double chin. As fat deposits around the jaw area are often genetic and difficult to get rid of naturally, there are both surgical and non surgical methods to eliminate them. One way you can choose the right one is by reading the reviews of former patients left on various online platforms for dermatology practices and check for overwhelming positive reviews.

So now the question remains, whether it’s best to choose having an injection or go all natural, when it comes to removing a double chin. We’re here to make you help finalize your decision. 

So we’ve compiled this information for you: 

  1. Why do I have a double chin
  2. Natural ways to get rid of double chin
  3. Kybella: What is it and how it does it work

So let’s not waste any more time and get into it. 

     Why Do I have a double chin

First things first, we’ve got to learn the official terminology used in medicine. Even though we are using the word double chin in a widespread manner we are in fact referring to something that’s known as submental fat. The reason people call submental fat double chin is because this extra fat creates the impression that the person has a second chin down there. So why do people get double chins? 

The belief entrenched in many people states that double chin is associated with excess weight and nothing else. Well, it’s worth mentioning that double chins can be the result of excessive weight, but if that’s the case, no person should feel pressed to undergo any treatment unless they want it themselves. 

This widely held belief is, nonetheless, not very correct. The reasons for double chins can result from genetic mutation that are not explicable at this stage. The research is ongoing to  learn what the proportion of people with double chins is from genetic mutations and which part is from excessive fat. 

     Natural ways to get rid of double chin

The most common way to try and get rid of double chin naturally is to try to do chin exercises. The problem with these is that they work in a way similar to that of eye exercises. They are both believed to result in major improvements, but no scientific research corroborates these claims; in fact, all the research that’s been conducted yielded inconclusive results. 

But because some claim these exercises are useful and because they won’t do you any harm (when performed carefully), you can always give them a shot. 

These are pretty famous exercises such as straight jaw just pucker up, ball exercises, tongue stretches, bottom jaw juts and neck stretches. 

The biggest advantage of choosing this way to deal with double chin is that

  1. You don’t have to pay for anything — the exercises can be performed at home
  2. You’re not risking anything — unlike various surgical options, this one is absolutely risk-free — after all, you’re doing some exercises and nothing else.

However, some of the disadvantages are 

  1. It’s a pretty slow solution and;
  2. There is no conclusive research that supports the claim that this option works

If you don’t want to wait months to see the results we’ve got a pretty good option for you. 

     Kybella: What is it and how it does it work

FDA — the most respected and powerful public health organization in the US — approved the first and only non-surgical way of removing one’s double chin (or as FDA refer to it — contour and improve the appearance of submental fullness) — Kybella. 

The substance that is behind Kybella is called deoxycholic acid. The latter occurs naturally in everyone’s body: this acid helps the rest of the body to break down and absorb dietary fat. 

In the course of 20 to 30 minutes, a needle is injected into the submental area. When it is injected into the fat accumulated in the chin, Kybella destroys fat cells. And once those fat cells are annihilated they will stop accumulating and retaining fat. The consequence of this will be a smoother chin. 

Importantly, the procedure has to be repeated 4 to 6 times every 3 to 4 weeks. The results are usually visible after the 3rd attempt. There will be some minor discomfort and pain in the area, but regular painkillers will solve the issue.