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Micha Barton gets her very own bar brawl.


mischa-barton-005 copyThe extra ordinary fun we all had on Halloween night.

Welcome to the sordid world of Mischa Barton where the young temptress has to deal with consistent booze, boozing and now booze being thrown at her. It all goes something like this kids- while Mischa was partying away at the Park Bar some stud turned around and threw his glass of booze all over the back of an astonished Mischa (apparently she had the audacity to step on his toe). Of course Mischa responded in kind by throwing her cup of booze in the studs face. You go gal…

But that was just the beginning of the fun- cause after Mischa went back to her table one of the studs at that table decided he too would now get involved and that kids is where the real boozing, splashing and fist fighting got under way. By the time these 2 studs were finished measuring the size of each others balls (it’s a man thing girls…) blood and egos were splattered on the floor. In the end the hot studs went off to the clinker. As for Mischa we imagine she went back to her drinking.

There’s always more fun in life when drinking and fist fighting come into the picture.

Mischa Barton’s Friends Come To Her Rescue During Halloween Bar Brawl

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