Home Nightlife A Brit turns up to the Halloweeen Parade.

A Brit turns up to the Halloweeen Parade.

Photography by Peter Ruprecht.


New York, Halloween, Parade- The parade got off to a rather staccato start, for some reason the ever helpful arm of the law were being told one thing and I think, mainly due to shyness on their part, none of us were told quite what that something was. I do understand this though, no one really likes public speaking do they? We were finally released from our little pens, but not before one of New York’s finest had a good old grab of my arm – I admit, standing beside a Bumble Bee in a buggy can make anyone nervous. I will however say that overall they were brilliant, and certainly made every effort to help us and the offending buggy and it’s Bee occupant out. They did, despite the early shyness, redeem themselves and I once again fancy anyone inside that uniform, even if I got rather confused as to who was in costume and who wasn’t. I still have no idea if that group of burly firefighters loitering by the fence were legit or not. I smiled anyway, you never know.





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