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McDonalds insists on confusing America.


gettinghipJunk Food becomes High Brow.

Chelsea opened up the very first classy McDonalds in a complete revamp this month.  Vinyl seats, bright lights, chic black uniforms. What really bothers me is do they actually think this will attract a different audience? I mean if you want soggy fries won’t you be heading for the dollar menu either way? This new found Chelsea “lounge” is hooked up with Wi-Fi access and outlets so you can chow down on quarter-pounders while you work on your thesis.  What better brain power than vats of fat and grease?

My bank is next door to a McDonalds and every time I am in line to deposit my hard earned cash my stomach grumbles for that salty smell wafting in the air.  My will power however trumps all and I never do break stride to hop in line, but I do look in the window admirably as a pass and it never fails to be packed with large American’s.

A lot of questions to be asked but regardless we know how many millions (billions) they will rake in next year. Sad to see our favorite restaurants dissipate, or charge heaps for water just to maintain upkeep, and McDonalds have enough dough from their cheap menu to revamp spots world wide. And we wonder why we’re fat.

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