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Washington suddenly becomes trendy and desirable.


coolwhLife behind velvet ropes can be fascinating…

Out of the NYT’s style section comes a new scene that you too can now join in your ceaseless efforts to become desirable and deserving. Welcome to Washington’s attempt to finally become palatable- the Point of View lounge.

Thinking of trekking out to Washington? No, neither were we. At least until we read about this latest hot boite.

Lets have a look-

And now, after the hotel reopened in July as a sleeker, trendier version of its former self, there is the nightly prospect of hobnobbing alongside Washington’s insiders.

Haven’t you always wanted to mingle with Newt Gingrinch, Dick Cheney and all the hot hos that service these guys? We are trembling with anticipation…

But will you be able to get in? What strings are you going to have to pull? Lets figure this out…

In a government town that revolves around power, it’s not surprising that actually gaining access comes with its own set of bureaucratic challenges (everything from the black velvet rope at the lobby elevator that whisks you 11 floors to your destination, to the sable-clad hotel employees with clipboards and earpieces who look disconcertingly like Secret Service agents).

Bureaucratic dealings are always a challenge, from attaining health care and equanimity for all to now getting the door boy to give you special deference. Lets hope you lobby (code word for bribe) well.

And how will you feel once you finally get in? Lets find out.

“It’s a great way to get above it all,” said Ian Solomon, 37, who works for the Treasury Department and was visiting P.O.V. for the first time after work. Mr. Solomon looked around, and couldn’t resist joking: “Look down on my colleagues in D.C.”

In other words you get to feel all uppity and special for no apparent reason. Just the way you like it.

Washington, a great place to feel superior to other mortals. Don’t be left out…drop by soon.

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