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Big Night at the Garden for Dane Cook.


cookThings to Do in NYC.

-Play some beer pong
-Listen to Jack Johnson AND/OR Dave Matthews Band
-Pick up some roofies
-Head to see Dane Cook perform at Madison Square Garden.

Oh wait. This was the list of things to do in New York City if you’re a frat boy. Sorry about the mix-up. You probably don’t want to see Dane Cook desperately claw against the curtain that started closing on him after his popularity hit a peak a few years ago… do you?

You do want to see the trite, overanalyzed scenarios he spins in his silly brain? You do want to see him yell and take his shirt off for no real reason? You do want to pay fifty to 100 dollars for all of this? Wow, our apologies. I guess we woefully misjudged our demographic. Ok, well…have a good time! If you roofie a girl, wear protection, ok?

Kids these days…

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