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Wack job Kanye West ruins Taylor Swifts life forever.


kanye-west-taylor-swiftWhen an idiot can’t hold his liquor the results are never pleasant.


Welcome to the end of country starlet Taylor Swift’s rest of her life…While being awarded the MTV AWARDS for best female musician – Kanye West stormed the stage where Swift was accepting her prize and began to take it away from her and insist it go to BEYONCE. (We think it should go to him).

Jumping out of the audience Kanye who was spotted drinking Cognac on the red carpet (but was he spotted swallowing all the drugs he was probably on as well?) took the mike out of the 19 year old and started lambasting her before being booed by the horrified onlookers.

In the end he went away and Swift looked on horrified her big moment forever tarnished like a mangled dog spat slipper.

Luckily for Swift, Beyonce was in the audience too and when Beyonce came along to also accept an award for best video, Beyonce gave the 19yeafr old a big hug and a kiss on the forehead.

Oh….isn’t that so sweet….?

When famous people ruin their own lives it’s a shame, but when famous people ruin other famous people’s lives then it’s just a scandal…

Cognac-swigging Kanye West storms MTV stage and grabs microphone during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech

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