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Rebel, Slink and Languor at ERRO.



Anna Larson’s hip, suave and rebel come as you dare with a dash down Boulevarde’s Saint Germaine in Paris had me feeling for a moment I was watching a dozen of wandering souls who were momentarily contained by the box lights, and the fascinated stares of a transfixed crowd. Dressed in slinky tunic layers, skin tight jeans and winding tassels and the omnipresent Doc Marten Boot I was forced to marvel and think that there would be a lot of happy rebellious downtown women who would be visiting ERRO’s showrooms in the very near future.

With champagne, chocolate (oh the chocolate…) being passed the audience stood to an awaiting jettison of young models, ambivalent, but fully aware of their youth and beauty and enjoying the suggestion of rebel, slink, languor and East Village chic meets afternoon existential lessons on the back streets of Paris.

With an easy to wear contemporary sensibility, light fabrics, loose fittings, dark colors and stark make up the girls stood amongst themselves along raised boxes as the box lights of the Ohio theater wove in and out. With overt suggestions to femininity, rebel status and the classics of the 60’s and 70’s roiling in the background I was rather charmed and am genuinely pleased that I managed to drop by and be impressed by the vision of a Ms. Anna Larson.

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