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Is there some sort of mistake – Ivanka Trunp refuses to sell her upcoming wedding photos?


ivanka-trunp-refusesWhen the king of media whores start using reverse psychology.


We read with intrigue this morning that Ivanka Trump has decided to bar all media from her upcoming wedding to Jared Kushner. Is this some sort of joke or just a subtle ploy to make themselves come off as more desirable?


Lest Ivanka ever forget the only reason why her family has been able to a large degree secure their family wealth has been to a large extent due to their family’s (ok daddy’s ) ability to favor and stir media curry. If it wasn’t for the media salivating over daddy – Donald Trump and his many wonderful adventures Ivanka wouldn’t be in the position to have her lavish wedding and dream life.


Not that we care one way or another about silly people who think they are grand because they inherit large sums of money and then act grand and pretend it’s their efforts (even Donald inherited his fortune kids- don’t be fooled by the entrepreneur story- try the hustler story…) what we are wondering is what does this portend for the future of all media seekers who ostensibly feed on the media in a symbiotic parasitic relationship?


Who cares not us, but we can’t wait to see the photos they are ‘bound to leak,’ cause once a parasite always a parasite…

Ivanka’s wed photo lock

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