Home Scandal and Gossip Ron wants to give you tips on how to stretch your dollar.

Ron wants to give you tips on how to stretch your dollar.


ron-wants-to-give-you-tipsHow loafers survive in the big apple…


In today’s economic report we consulted scrounge and glamour gutter journal (don’t worry guys we secretly kind of like you) –Viceland and read with shock, horror and a sly smile on our face how loafers and skate board riders survive in NYC.

First cardinal rule according to RONspend other peoples money. This would of course seem obvious but is really kind of mandatory. How though does one actually do this though? According to RON the best way to assuage someone else’s purse is if you’re a good looking guy (like RON) for instance your best bet is to date an ugly girl as a good looking girl implicitly knows otherwise as her looks have been commoditized where as a fat girl is still kind of socially unacceptable no matter anyone really tells you in public.

Second rule according to RON – Try to get as many things as possible free- for example, eating off other peoples plate (why didn’t we think of that?) and knowing all the free cocktail parties that we keep running into you all the time. You know who I’m talking about Kristian…

Third technique (trick) – Go out hard on your first date, spare no expenses and build it up for the upcoming weekend, but once the weekend actually comes up declare how you suddenly lost your wallet and watch her spend…

RON- we like you, if of course in the event you decide to call on us we’re probably on the way out …


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  • claire

    sounds like the tip I got from a girl in the shoe store as I debated over a towering pair of sexy heels… “well you will get so many drinks when you wear these out they will pay for themselves.”….