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Great Balls of Fire…Literally.


great-balls-of-fireThe things women do to protect themselves.


From Crete, Greece comes a tale of a woman taking things into her own hands (even though she was persistently asked to put something else in her hands). Accosted by a drunk English tourist the unidentified 26 year old Greek woman grew incensed when the tourist kept provoking and eventually threw sambuca (a liquor) onto the mans genitals before setting them alight after continual provocation. Indeed…

Taken immediately to hospital with second degree burns to his private parts the young immediately turned herself in and was led away by police while huge crowds started chanting ‘Bravo’ as she was held for questioning.

It remains unclear if the case will proceed to court as the young woman as public opinion is heavily in favor of the woman. Although one does have to wonder perhaps a modicum of restraint on both parties could have seen this drunken reveler go on in his merry night being stupid and reckless (primarily to himself) and the young lady spared of having to be a new kind of weird hero,

In any event life goes on and just in case you were wondering the tourist took out travel insurance before he left Britain. Lucky for him….

‘Hero’ Greek woman sets fire to drunken Briton’s genitals

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