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Do you really care that model Liskula Cohen is no longer a ‘ho?’


tormented-by-a-bloggerWhen being tormented by a blogger is no fun.


Model turned socialite Liksula Cohen has been very upset lately, but according to the NYPost she’s finally calmed down because she finally figured out which ‘skank’ was calling her ‘ho’ and ‘skank.’

After the anonymous blogger behind ‘skanksin NYC’ refused to give up her identity Cohen herself hired a lawyer and a detective and was consequently able to find out that the person deriding her around town (slander they call it- unless freedom of expression is a non option these days?) was an old acquaintance of hers whom she no longer cares about and is completely fine with.

Comforted by the fact that the blogger (who still remains anonymous to the rest of us) has a chip on her shoulder and is feeling better that ‘said blogger’ is now sorry Cohen is back to feeling fine again. Whether punitive damages will follow depends on according to how sorry the anonymous blogger is?

Anyway aren’t we all happy that a stupid spat that went public has finally been brushed aside- ‘hos’ and ‘skanks’ aside?