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Can you spot Richard Simmons doing the mambo?


richard-simmonsA new work out craze only out of Hollywood…


Straight from the NYT’s comes a story about the fascinating things that we as a nation are subjecting ourselves too. Yes – exercise! The caveat being in this instance at Foresight Studios as you strum it up for ‘Sweaty Sundays’ weekly Sunday outgoing is that you preferably be a member of the creative class and one would hope nearly good looking.

Dancing to charged music, and inspired by the legacy of Richard Simmons (who has yet to make an appearance) one is obliged to make out to the dance floor in buckets of sweat, favorite 80’s dance hits like Nena’s ’99 Luft Ballons” and have a predilection for tight pink shorts, turquoise lycra, soft applied mascara and the best Jane Fonda look alike leg warmers and belted leotards you could possibly find.

With peace, love and the desire to sweat out Saturday night’s excesses (we wont dare ask or wonder) the lively crew have been getting a wonderful following which has been rumored to include courtesy of class instructor and instigator – Ryan Heffington, Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani.

Our thoughts- we think Richard Simmons looked brilliant doing it, and as for our Sunday mornings we’d rather settle reading the NYT’s as opposed to appearing in one of those sweaty leotards.

When being a hipster and smoking no more than 10 smokes a day can suddenly be a good thing for you…

Dig Out the Spandex and Feel the Burn

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