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If I’m a male model can I expect to have a more interesting life than non male model guys…?


jaredkoronkiewiczHow to achieve superiority and the desired lifestyle assuming you’re good looking enough.

Summer is finally here and we’ve been paying attention to the development to a new concept that we all know you have heard of but we assure you will be hearing for the rest of your adolescent lives- that of the male model.

Recognizing that male models are sometimes useful in helping shift consumer tastes, fantasies and aspirations, male models have been making a comeback at your local glamorous parties (they are the ones serving you cocktails with very perfect cheek bones), at your local kiddie entertainment/reality shows (young men that only Calvin Klein would know what to do with ) and at those Holiday spots where generally good looking people congregate , pay $18 for a cocktail while nonchalantly glancing at the male model nonchalantly looking at himself and drinking his free cocktail.

We think the male model in all seriousness has a very good chance of living a superior lifestyle than his non male counter parts assuming his six packs and general good looks hold up.

Until then, we look forward to the day we all look like Ashton Kushner with the combined IQ of 103(of course not all models are soft in the brain, it’s the people who can’t stop talking and looking about them that are) .

Who needs charm, brains and imagination when you have the brave new world to confront

If only you were as good looking as us, but aren’t. A popular series brought to you by the brave new world…

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  • Stop the racketeering

    Looks like you’re gonna need some more smack, Mr. Hat.

  • Mr. Floppy Ears

    Says who?

  • Beastly

    There’s more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking.

  • claire

    Having modeled… and dealt with male models… Some are small town beauties who are more skin and bones than beef cake.

    One was so happy with himself that after trying to bed me in the back seat of a cab and me denying his nookie-needs… that he preceded to tell say I was all over him… hmm. Not so pretty boy.

    Some aren’t douches… just confused. Wouldn’t you hate if you had perfect check bones and soft skin as a man too?


  • Your worst nightmare

    Scallywag wouldn’t it be easier if you admit you look like the twin brother of Quasimodo?

  • holysocks

    in before Zoolander joke/quote

  • Mr. Floppy Ears

    I wish I was a male model after all.

  • Foznez

    No, becuase as a male model, you automatically become a douche, and as the article says, stupid.

  • I’m afraid I’m a touch more photogenic….

  • Jenny

    So is the model in the pic you or not? 😛