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What is it with tall skinny guys who wear tight jeans, high heels and smoke Marlboro lights?


guy-wearing-tight-jeansWe’ve been seeing them turn up everywhere lately and we’re not quite sure if it’s a statement on androgyny or something more perverse…

There was a time where wearing jeans with holes and some black boots was enough of a statement to let the neighborhood know that you either didn’t come from New Jersey or the idea that maybe you did actually come from NJ, but the fact because you were cruising the Lower east side exonerated you from disinherited status from cool society.

These days the look for cool guys seems to be rotating on what women have known for a long time- a tight ass, nice calves (for men it’s just high heeled boots – the type that obviously leave bunions on one’s feet if they actually dare to use them for walking) and the rebel – “I don’t give a damn about cancer and filthy lungs ‘cause I still look good when I smoke” look.

We don’t know whether the look is a throwback to an earlier glam time or just youth, or more succinctly young men trying to reinvent themselves and hopefully get laid.

Now, if only those heels didn’t leave bunions…

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  • claire

    It is quite the object to be studied… having dated one of these in 04 (yes. this look has been circulating in some form since them) … I suspect it is something more as you notice as well. It is a crossing of gender and yes, the notes androgyny… a hipster version of a metrosexual…minus the primping yet keeping the self establishing feminine quirks? Mine was much more physically affectionate with his male friends, stole my pants and made no qualms about our house wide dress up nights.

    Maybe they can all wear these next…which flatter… no one. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3249/2452982447_d15cd4a765.jpg