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What is it with cab drivers that complain about their tips?


dataWhat’s in a tip, what’s a good tip and what’s a bad tip- and why you just can’t win?

Here’s something that we’ve been noticing ever since hard times have hit- the cabbie whining over his tip.

It usually becomes obvious when they look at you with that ‘what do you mean 80 cent tip?’ for a four dollar ride or that ‘you only gave me $1.20 for that $14 ride.’

The way it works is that they count real slow when giving you back your change, every quarter they give you back becoming increasingly painful and a coerced attempt to hijack your feeble income.

Other times it’ll be an outright condemnation, and one is then forced to enter existential discussions with people they have never met in their lives how they chose this profession and as much as you feel for them you don’t feel morally responsible for the missed quarters in their lives.,

Then of course there’s our favorite response when the driver decides that he’s going to get what he wants anyway by pretending the fare is another number all together than the one displayed on the odometer. These cabbies are usually reserved for places like Athens, Greece and Rome where ‘stupid Americans’ are ripe for the taking and should understand that ultimately a cabbie deserves more than what you think he deserves…

Ahh, the travails of riding in cabs…can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

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  • claire

    yes, i’m becoming the one who does not get how a 14 dollar ride paid for with 20 gets me 2 dollars back.

    self tipping. lovely.