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What delicious scandal can we expect from the Hamptons this summer?


fourth-of-julyAs we brace ourselves for the Fourth of July what audacious behavior should we also be on the look out for?

Recession or not, the hysteria and pedigree that makes the Hamptons, a supposed ‘nice’ retreat for ‘very well educated people with some extra disposable income and trust funds’ (well not always- it does attract it’s fair share of impostors too…) an affable summer hot spot has at this point managed to limp along without much of a scene.

As pleasant as that may all sound, cache and pedigree has always been prefaced by some degree of scandal (just re read ‘The Great Gatsby) , and if the Hamptons is to retain it’s allure a nice juicy –NY Post’ deserving scandal needs to manufacture itself incredibly fast or risk becoming just a pleasant green abutment where boring, wealthy but not scandalous people congregate.

So far we’ve had ex super model Stephanie Seymour ‘hissie fitting’ with her soon to be divorced husband’s body guards, ex Mayor Rudy Guilani daring some old goat to a bitch slap, and maybe the trauma of having Billy Joel lose another model wife.

So far it all looks pretty lame, and we’re hoping this year something fun and very delicious happens so as to inspire us to return to the Hamptons, but for now we just couldn’t be bothered…

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