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Does food really taste better if you only get in by begging and screaming at the latest hot spot?


waverly1It may have been the preferred way of dining out in the past, but these days people are starting to wonder.

According to Gawker, living garbage bag disposable one can now go to places like the Waverly Inn and with out too much of a fuss or attitude from the receptionist manage to book themselves a meal in the not too distant future. What makes this story interesting according to Gawker is that people are no longer (swap people for celebrities ) are no longer in the position to go out every night thanks to the recession, thus forcing venues to suddenly be excited to be happy to hear from you.

What we wonder of course is if the celebrities (a hybrid type of person who manages to always be on your conscience) are just getting tired of places like the Waverly Inn, or maybe one day one of them had the awful realization the food at the Waverly Inn isn’t really any better than the diner across the road from the Waverly Inn?

Waverly Inn Basically a Drive-Thru At This Point

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