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What has blue eyes blonde hair and is the reason behind all your woes?


blonde2In most parts of the world, people of color are often at a disadvantage, or says Brazil’s President Luiz da Silva. Which can only mean that people with blonde hair and blue eyes are the perpetrators of mayhem? Don’t believe us…read on.

Speaking at a joint meeting prior to next weeks G20 world meeting, Mr. Da Silva mused openly that perhaps the reason the world is in a diabolical state of affairs is because people with blonde hair, and blue eyes, in other words the only type of people who hold jobs with hedge funds and the international monetary council are the perpetrators of policies and flux of capital that create strangle holds on countries like Brazil.

True, maybe all the hedge fund boys are in for a quick buck, but are they really all blonde and blue eyed, a product of ‘white man’ mentality. Last time we checked the people killing each other and disavowing the world’s history were brown, blue, green eyed and even dark. Is mayhem, disarray limited to ones skin color, a product of it, a reflection of it?

Does Mr. Da Silva have some legitimacy or just grievances to air? We beg to wonder?

Brazil’s leader blames white people for crisis

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