(NSFW) Why Facebook refuses to remove video of kitten doused in gas and set on fire

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.45.27 PM

Uproar has been stirred after Facebook told it is refusing to remove a video depicting a kitten being doused in gas and set on fire, because the footage does not breach any of its rules. In the clip which has come to alarm many, two unidentified adolescents speaking in Spanish (presumably filmed in Mexico) can […]

Did posting lesbian photos on Facebook get one user banned?


Courtesy of xojane‘s Jodi Savitz, the feminist writer has this morning penned an article where she specifically takes Mark Zuckerberg founder of Facebook to task for having recently taken down ‘lesbian photos‘ that she had posted on Facebook. The page in question which was removed involved the Facebook fan page of recently released documentary film, […]

Oh really? Legislation preventing employers from asking for your Facebook password defeated.


Should your facebook password be off limits to an employer? Because an employer can always do as they please. Here’s something that ought to frustrate you if you value your privacy and believe in the mantra that some things are just plain ethically off limits but then again that may mean very little to some […]

Oh really? If Norwegian student gets one million Facebook likes his high school crush will sleep with him.

Cathrine Johansen and Petter Kverneng.

Getting laid courtesy of Facebook. It may have worked for one kid who went on Facebook crusading to get their parents to buy them a puppy if they managed to score a million Facebook likes and it now seems Norway‘s Petter Kverneng may end up getting himself laid courtesy of his high school crush if we […]

Video: Facebook birthday party ‘Project X Haren’ leads to riot in Netherlands.

Project X has gone awry.

A 16 year old girl from the town of Haren, the Netherlands (115 miles north of Amsterdam) who had sent a birthday party invitation meant for her friends but inadvertently was shared amongst some 30 000 individuals has led to riots in the girl’s town. The hubris first occurred after the girl who had intended to […]

Today all you bastards are going to finagle Facebook’s IPO launch.


Getting rich in America is not about how well groomed, talented, educated or even how ambitious you are- it’s all about how connected you are. In just under an hour, Facebook shares will start trading on the NY Stock Exchange and in that process one 28 year old man (Mark Zuckerberg) will somehow become worth […]

The travails of Facebook: To Friend or Not to Friend: That is the Question.


Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is a free-for-all networking website to which all members are equal. There are some unique trends to knowing when or when not to friend request certain people.  For instance, the fairly new alert of FB sending the message, “…please only friend request this person if you actually know them”. I […]

Thessa’s 16th birthday party becomes a viral smash hit on facebook.


Are you one of those persons who like to invite people to their soirees via facebook and patiently watch as you wait to see who will turn up, who’s undecided and who will definitely turn up? Well Thessa, a 16 year old girl from Hamburg, Germany is, except when Thessa decided to send out an […]

Ladies why are you really posting all those Facebook images?


How we feel about ourselves is so often a function of how others feel about us or how they perceive us. With social media tools, especially Facebook, one can essentially spend the day micro managing their public relations image so as to create a perceived reality of who we are. That said perhaps we ought […]

The pitfalls of all your social status updates….


Updated your status lately?   What isn’t shared online today? Family photos, marital status, sexual preference, and geographic location. A ripe cornucopia of intimate details, ripe for the picking by the hands of friends and creepers alike, (nearly) worldwide! Who among us doesn’t secretly lick our lips at the notion of flipping through the photos of […]