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7 Styling Hacks That’ll Instantly Improve Any Outfit

Styling hacks
Styling hacks that will improve your fashion look instantly
Styling hacks
Styling hacks that will improve your fashion look instantly

Styling hacks that will instantly improve any outfit: from cuffing pants, adding scarfs & headscarves, using hair ties, stylish phone case, knotting your tops, trendy socks. 

Improving your outfit’s look does not require spending a ton of money or getting yourself an appointment with a tailor. It only takes a bit of imagination and a touch of creativity. However, everyone needs a bit of inspiration before trying to make something out of the clothes they already have, and this article will help those looking for that inspirational help. Let’s dive into 7 hacks that will improve your outfit with ease.

Cuffing The Pants

Cuffing does not require any talent in that arts and crafts department. Also, no sewing is needed. However, you can make your too-short pants seem to be this way intentionally. No more worrying about returning them if the fit is great, but you needed for it to be a bit longer. Also, the same is with those that are too long. By cuffing them, you will be able to showcase those sneakers and boots of yours, no more looking like you are still growing into them.

stylish hacks
Styling hacks that will improve your fashion look instantly. Phone covers can add a definite fun look.

Scarfs And Headscarves

They can be used in multiple ways, from tying your hair to using them as belts or even covering your hair on a bad hair day. With the endless color selection, you can add that pop of color when you do not feel daring enough to wear a bigger piece of colorful clothing like a jacket or coat. Everyone deserves colors in their lives, and headscarves help to incorporate them easier.

Hair Tie for Those Sleeves

Adjusting those sleeves once a few minutes starts to become irritating very fast when gravity is stronger than your patience is.  Simply use a thin elastic hair band, push your sleeve into the position that will satisfy you, throw that band on, and cover it up with the remaining fabric. Now you can continue with your day – also, it looks cool, so roll those sleeves up!

Phone Cases – Fashionable and Protective

It may sound surprising because what the phone has to do with the outfit? But have you thought about how much time the phone spends in your hands? Yeah, it is a lot of time. Therefore by choosing a stylish and cute phone case, you will be able to protect your device while also getting yourself the perfect accessory.

Knots for Your Tops

Knots look amazing on those oversized t-shirts that never seem to fit the right way, no matter how comfortable they are, so tie a knot in the middle, right, or left side, and make it more form-fitting while keeping that comfort. The playfulness the knots provide will balance your outfit, and it also looks great with high-waisted pants or long shirts – the contrast of classical and simple bottoms compliments the knotted creations.

Make a Statement (With Socks)

We can guarantee that you somehow ended up with all those socks that lost their partners. They went missing somewhere between the washer and dryer. And no matter how sad the story of lonely socks is, the sadder one is the one where they end up never being worn again. Add that unexpected touch to your outfits by mixing all those socks. Wear different ones with your boots, long and colorful ones will ensure that your cuffed jeans add even more playfulness to your everyday style. 

Get Yourself Some Tape

And no, we do not mean duct tape – although it comes in handy a lot of the time. We are talking about double-sided fabric tape, especially the removable kind. Having a roll of this tape will come to the rescue every time you need a quick hem repair. Dress or a t-shirt is slipping away from your shoulders? Attach your clothing to your bra straps, and you will never reveal them again or get that cold shoulder when you do not feel like having one. A skirt that is too long? Roll it up, place the tape and shorten it for that quick fix – no more permanent and crooked scissors slips will scare you away from experimenting with your clothes.