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Christy Sheats gun lover: ‘I want to protect my family’

Christy Sheats gun lover
Posted on Christy Sheats facebook page on January.

Christy Sheats gun lover: How may the deaths of one Texas mother’s daughters, Taylor Sheats and Madison Sheats had been averted had her guns been taken away?

In the aftermath of Flusher, Texas mother Christy Sheaths shooting dead her two daughters, Taylor Sheats, 22 and Madison Sheats, 17, following an altercation spilling from inside the family home and onto the street in Flusher, Texas on Friday, before in turn being shot dead by responding Fort Bend County police, commentators on the web have debated how three women today might still be alive had it not been for the Christy Sheats staunch love for guns.

While the mother had taken to Facebook on September 25, 2015 where she posted a stirring tribute on behalf of her daughters, it would be ten months later that the ‘passionate’ Texas mom, for reasons yet to necessarily be understood, take the two lives presumably that meant most to her.

Posted the mother at the time: ‘Happy Daughter’s Day to my two amazing, sweet, kind, beautiful, intelligent girls. I love and treasure you both more than you could ever possibly know.’

Yet perhaps it was Christy Sheats love for guns that may have done her family in, when the mother once again took to Facebook in March to write about her fears that Obama would take her guns away.

Wrote the mother: ‘It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away, but that’s exactly what Democrats are determined to do by banning semi-automatic handguns.’

The posting ran above a video posted by 911Stong, run by a ‘God-fearing family man who is a Southern California Police Officer and University Professor,’ according to that Facebook page.

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Again in January, Christy Sheats love for guns came through again when she posted another staunch defense of her rights to bear arms.

Told the post showcasing a polished gun on the table with 7 bullets next to it: ‘I have 10 guns. Obama wants 8 of my guns. How many guns do i have?

Responds the ominous post at the bottom wit: ‘That’s right, I have 10 guns’

How ironic that in the end, Christy Sheats’ love and admiration and staunch defense of guns and her belief in the right to bear arms would lead to the tragic loss of her two young daughters, and that of her own life, as her husband and the father of their dead children lies in hospital shaken to the core, trying to make sense of a family tragedy.

And then there were these selection of comments on the web, from an earlier article we posted that to date has drawn over 100 comments, that made me wonder….

Commentator A: My Mom committed suicide with a gun. I do believe she would still be alive if she had not had such easy access to a gun. Oh, and she shot my father too. Could she have done it with a knife? Sure, I guess. But I don’t think she would have. It wouldn’t have been so quick and easy. I’m not being political. Take it for what it’s worth. My mother’s life…

Commentator B: If she’d swallowed an entire bottle of sleeping pills would you be online railing against the pharmacy that sold them to her

Commentator A: Yes, it’s an honest question. First, you can’t accuse me of railing against the gun industry because I never did that, and I stated that it’s not my intention to be political. It’s just a fact for me that I believe she would still be alive if she did not have such easy access to a gun. It was a fit of rage. Had she taken sleeping pills, she would not have been able to hurt my father. And people don’t usually kill themselves in a fit of rage with sleeping pills. Deep depression, maybe, but rarely a fit of rage or anger towards others that causes impulsive action. jSadly, this mother sounds a lot like my mother was.

Christy Sheats gun lover
Pictured Christy Sheats via facebook
Pictured Madison Sheats.
Pictured Madison Sheats.
Christy Sheats gun lover
Pictured Taylor Sheats
Christy Sheats gun lover
Pictured gunned down sisters, Madison and Taylor Sheats.
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  • TiredOfMorons

    Nope, Jason was there, is heard on the tapes. And Christy ran out of bullets after shooting Taylor, went back in the house to get more, returned and shot Taylor again. Maybe there’s an explanation, but Jason isn’t looking good in all this.

  • PoliticalAnimal

    Crazy crazy American people with their gun “rights”… right to kill your daughters, fantastic! During this time Europe enjoys a ten-time less murder rate per inhabitant (yes almost 10 times less!) without having guns to “protect” ourselves against the “bad guys”… who happened to be your mother…

    Btw, Trump how did it work in Orlando your gun enthusiasm? I mean you spit on France and insulted the many deaths in France by claiming it would never have happened in USA…

  • Jsdisme

    Glad you mentioned the commenters story about her experience with her mothers suicide after shooting her husband. She was brave to share that And its a story worth hearing. More people are affected than just the dead. Tragic. Someone should have removed Christ Byrd Sheats gun rights away a long time ago. 14 visits by the police to their home in4 years was a red flag beating them in the head, yet no one acted to secure the weapons where this womans would not have a access! Isn’t that what all lo responsible gun owners would do?

  • Frank Lee

    story says he ran out too so, nope


    Did anyone notice her full name- Byrd Sheats ?

  • MyLovelyNose

    You’re at the bottom of the stairs and you hear a shot. By the time you reach the top of the stairway another person is dead. Not much he could have done when death is so instantaneous by gun.

  • Frank Lee

    Interesting, everything I read so far indicated he was in the house. Need to hear his story

  • As it turns out, Jason Sheats was also in mortal danger of his own life, as he and the couple’s two daughters fled the family home. Of question is why the wife spared her husband?


  • Frank Lee

    Mom chased the kids down to shoot them multiple times so, no, she could not have been successful with a knife. Also unmentioned, WTH was dad doing while all this was going on? Why was he not out there trying to stop this from happening?