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Did Christy Sheats object to Juan Sebastian Lugo, daughter’s fiance?

Juan Sebastian Lugo
Juan Sebastian Lugo
Pictured Taylor Sheats and fiance, Juan Sebastian Lugo.

Juan Sebastian Lugo engagement to Taylor Sheats: Did one Texas mother Christy Sheats come to object to her daughter’s upcoming wedding? Why?

In increasingly disturbing revelations involving Friday’s Texas shooting which saw Katy, Fort Bend County mother Christy Sheats gun down her two daughters, it may have come down to the fact that the ‘mentally ill’ mother may have objected to daughter Taylor’s fiancee, Juan Sebastian Lugo who she planned to marry on Monday.

According to a report via abc13, prior to Friday afternoon’s carnage, Christy Sheats had called a family meeting.

Not disclosed is why Christy Sheats had chosen Friday to call the family meeting, but perhaps non coincidentally the meeting came on the day of her husband’s 45th birthday whom she had recently been estranged from along with 3 days prior to the wedding of her eldest daughter, Taylor Sheath, 22 to her fiance of 4 years, Juan Sebastian Lugo.

Fellow college students, Juan Sebastian Logo, 23, and Taylor had exchanged promise rings as sweethearts two years ago and posts on social media show a young couple, in love and looking forward to starting their new life together according to a report via the dailymail.

They had scheduled on Monday to have a small ceremony with the couple planning to have a larger wedding ceremony after Taylor’s graduation from college.

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Juan Sebastian Lugo

Ominously a report via people tells of the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office responding to no less than 14 calls at the family home since January 12 as the mother allegedly struggled with mental illness.

It was whilst Jason and his two daughters, Taylor and Madison had congregated at the family living room, that Christy Sheats struck out at her family, first by stabbing at her two daughters and then taking aim with a gun, including also making an attempt on her husband’s life who only escaped death after fleeing as a neighbor came to check on ensuing commotion at the family home.

Having suddenly begun acts of aggression against her family, husband Jason and the couple’s two daughters fled through the family front door. Jason ran to the end of the cul-de-sac, but Madison collapsed and died as a result of gunshot injuries.

Christy followed eldest daughter, Taylor into the street and shot her again. A witness confirmed that Sheats went back into the home and reloaded her gun before coming out to shoot Taylor again.

Juan Sebastian Lugo

Pointing to the degree of discord within the family, John Hollis, owner of Clear Canvas Laser, a tattoo removal company who came to employ Christy Sheats told of the mother behaving erratically.

Told the employer whom Christy had represented working for 2 years as a business manager, yet according to Hollis had only worked for less than five months and only as a receptionist before eventually letting her go:

‘There were days when she wouldn’t come to work and there were days when things didn’t add up.’

Added the former boss: ‘She was a very interesting character and she liked stories to be told the way she liked stories to be told.’

Yet perhaps the biggest roadblock to the estranged family’s efforts to move forward was the announcement that daughter Taylor, 22 was set to marry her fiance of 4 years, Juan Sebastian Lugo according to a report via the dailymail.

Of question is to what degree the mother may have objected to her eldest daughter marrying Juan Sebastian Lugo and if the mother harbored animosity towards the animosity toward the fiance and if so why?

Juan Sebastian Lugo

Neighbor Geno Hernandez, 42, recalled the Sheats as ‘good neighbors’ and revealed that Taylor had been away at college and was only visiting her parents and sister to celebrate her father’s birthday that Friday.

He said: ‘I watched the girls grow up here since they were about 10 years old – they used to play out on the street here. Taylor was into softball.

‘They were friends with my son. Jason and the girls were always friendly, they’d always wave when they went past but Christy kept to herself.

‘When we were having barbeques in the street she would never take part. I don’t know whey they separated when they did but she had only quite recently moved back.

‘You just kind of got the impression with her [Christy] it was all about her – all the selfies and what have you. She was very into herself.’

Juan Sebastian Lugo

Responding to the death of her brother’s fiance, Maria Lugo over the weekend took to Facebook, paying tribute to the family.

Wrote Maria: ‘Yall were part of our family, and that will never change. The greatest in laws any one could ever have, and the sweetest, most wholesome and caring girls in my life.

‘I look up to yall so much. Y’all were a light in the midst of this crazy world. We will love you two until the end of time.’

Responding to the tragedy, Catherine Knowles, a friend of Christy, told KTRK: ‘I couldn’t imagine anything in her life that would have made her snap,’

‘Your own children, I don’t know what could possibly go through someone’s head.’

To date commentators on social media have taken to speculating that Christy Sheats may have taken to extreme exception to her daughter marrying Juan Sebastian Lugo, an American born of Hispanic/Latin descent….

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Juan Sebastian Lugo

Juan Sebastian Lugo

Juan Sebastian Lugo