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Christy Sheats husband, Jason: ‘Don’t do this. They’re our kids.’

Jason Sheats
Pictured, Madison Sheats (left) and Taylor Sheats (right). Read more at https://scallywagandvagabond.com/2016/06/christy-byrd-sheats-texas-mom-shoot-daughters/#HvQbO1ZsSMidHByJ.99
Jason Sheats
Pictured, Madison Sheats (left) and Taylor Sheats (right).

How Jason Sheats, Christy Sheats husband pleaded with his wife to no avail before she set out to mortally harm their two children on his 45th birthday.

New revelations have told of the husband of Texas woman, Christy Sheats who went on to shoot dead her two daughters on Friday before in turn being gunned down by a police officer being frantically urged by the husband not to kill their two children.

Pleaded Christy Sheats husband, Jason Sheats: ‘Don’t do this. They’re our kids.’

Despite Jason Sheats’ desperate overtures, Christy Sheats, 42 shot the couple’s two daughters Madison Sheats, 17 and Taylor Sheats, 22 after a family dispute spilled out from their home and onto the street in Fulster, Friday evening.

Neighbors said Jason Sheats had watched in horror as his wife Christy shot down their two kids after they had assembling to celebrating his 45th birthday.

While escaping unscathed, Christy Sheats husband was taken to hospital after suffering shock after watching his two daughters gunned down and in turn his wife shot dead after the woman refused to put her gun down after responding police arrived at the family home.

A police officer heard Jason Sheats pleading with his wife before she was shot dead, neighbor Fazz Zainuddin told Click2Houston.

‘[The officer] heard the dad say, ‘Don’t do this. They’re our kids,’ Zainuddin said.

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Why did Christy Sheats Texas mom shoot daughters dead?

Jason Sheats
Pictured, Christy Sheats, left and Jason Sheats, right.

Asked what led to the shooting, Sheriff Troy Nehls said a family argument had sparked the commotion, while not necessarily being able to identify the cause of the family dispute.

Neels said at the time when police arrived, Christy Sheats was steadying herself to shoot one of her felled daughters again. In turn, a responding officer killed the woman.

Reiterated the cop: ‘The cops were behind the trees and behind the cars, and they told the mom to put the gun down and obviously she did not.’

He said Christy had walked towards her daughter Madison’s body still holding the pistol.

‘I guess the cop was afraid he was going to shoot her again.’

Of note, authorities told of having been called to the home multiple times in the past, that said, it remains unclear as to what precipitated those calls.

Jason Sheats

Hinting that the mother had been the aggressor, a neighbor told ABC13 that he had seen the Christy Sheats husband and their two daughters running out of their home, just before the mother fired off a rounds into both her daughters.

Another witness, a neighbor told KTRK-TV that one of the daughters, Taylor, was already wounded and collapsed on the street, when he observed both daughters and their father, Jason Sheats fleeing for their lives.

The witness said he then saw Christy Sheats come outside with a gun and then go back inside and reload. She came back outside and from there shot Madison in the back.

Not necessarily understood is if the mother had also tried to shoot her husband and if not why?

Also not understood is to what extent Jason Sheats, an IT consultant at Oxy, a Houston-based oil and gas company, according to his Linkedin page had become embroiled in the family argument and how he came to escape any injury? Or was the wife also preparing to shoot her husband too?

Ironically the shooting death of the family daughters comes after Christy Sheats, a business manager at a laser tattoo removal clinic had recently boasted of her affection for her daughters in September when she wrote on Facebook:

‘Happy Daughter’s Day to my two amazing, sweet, kind, beautiful, intelligent girls. I love and treasure you both more than you could ever possibly know.’

Yet along with being a passionate mother, Christy Sheats was also an ardent  gun rights advocate who was vocal with her views on citizens rights to bear arms.

Wrote the mother on Facebook in March: ‘It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away, but that’s exactly what Democrats are determined to do by banning semi-automatic handguns.’

Ironically many have suggested that perhaps three adults would be alive today had Christy Sheats guns been taken away from her…..

Jason Sheats

Jason Sheats
Jason Sheats being taken to hospital.

Jason Sheats

Jason Sheats

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  • Rick Stewart

    Perhaps 15 million people would be alive if liberals wouldn’t take away religion (number of abortions since 1973). We don’t have a gun problem. It has only become harder to get a gun over the last 100 years in America. However, gun crime has gone up as access has gone down. Access to guns cannot be the root cause of the problem. Liberals have eroded the moral fabric of our society to a point where a mother would shoot her own children to hurt the father in a divorce.

    Scallywag, I am assuming you are an atheist. If that is true why do you care about this? Why would care if people dance to their DNA and kill each other. There is no right or wrong in moral relativism.

  • MyLovelyNose

    Because he was a gun-fondling coward, is why. I’ve seen his Facebook page. Into guns, into flipping off Obama. He probably figured that since he didn’t have a gun, he had absolutely no power at all to stop ANYTHING from happening–because guns are Deciderers, and the person with the gun usually prevails (it’s supposed to be the hero). So: no gun, better RUN. He had no Plan B.

  • MyLovelyNose

    It’s not like an unarmed person has never taken down a weaponized person. It’s happened quite a few times. But I think that since this guy was a gun fondler himself, he figured all the power rested with the person holding the gun, which was not him. Game over, man!

  • MyLovelyNose

    This guy was also into guns; he may have figured that if he didn’t have a gun, it was Game Over. “No gun–better RUN!”

  • Bee

    Does anyone edit these articles?

  • SulphurStinks

    Maybe this guy was really passive or selfish and never developed normal parental instincts for his kids. I mean, that would probably be the only reason he was running for his own life instead of running towards the woman who was trying to kill his kids. People can say you don’t know how you would react but I know for sure I do know how I would react. I constantly make sure if a car backs up in a parking lot all of the sudden it will hit me instead of my daughter Little things like that train my mind to look out for danger and prepare me for the sacrifice. Not every parent does that I guess.

  • Cat


  • Cat

    Why didn’t the dad charge the mom? Take her down? Ugh.

  • Ceesaw

    I am (was) a gun owner. When my son developed depression, it was gone. Simple

  • Kevin Nelson

    “A gun in the home is 22 times more likely to be used in a completed or attempted suicide, criminal assault or homicide, or unintentional shooting death or injury than to be used in a self-defense shooting.” “Every year there are only about 200 legally justified self-defense homicides by private citizens compared with over 30,000 gun deaths.” http://www.ichv.org/gun-facts/

  • Kevin Nelson

    It’s probably best to only believe the stories that confirm your biases, and disbelieve anything that would make you question your beliefs. Just to be safe.

  • Kevin Nelson

    I know the drill. This is a totally random event!… No one saw it coming!… Unprecedented!… In our little neighborhood?… Let’s have a moment of silence… Stop politicizing this!… It’s too soon after this killing spree and too soon before the next one to start talk about making any changes to anything ever… Now let’s pray for the fallen…

  • Blake Lee

    Somethings not right with the story. The husband just stood there and did nothing? Even when her gun was empty and she had to walk back in and reload to come back out and shoot the kids some more. Why would he do nothing?

  • Blake Lee

    Especially since at one point she had to run back inside and reload. Why didn’t he at least stop her then?

  • Blake Lee

    Yes, especially since at one point the gun was empty and she had to run back inside and reload the gun and then came back out and shot her daughter’s some more. I don’t know why he wouldn’t have tried to get the gun from her at least at that point.

  • SulphurStinks

    It is pretty apparent she snapped and it has nothing to do with the guns she had. She could have went and bought a shotgun that day and done it. The cops said they had been to their home more than once. Clearly this woman was unstable but I doubt anyone thought she would do something like this. It would be impossible to know that a mother would go so far as to shoot her children over shooting her husband. Something was very very wrong with her and the husband. What kind of father doesn’t straight up tackle a woman that is threatening to shoot his kids.

  • Paul

    I do not believe this story and since the government can legally use the media to propagandize the people, why should anyone believe it.

  • Craig

    Two things: First, nobody is advocating banning guns. Seeking to restrict who has access to what types of firearms is not “banning guns”. And second, there actually are NOT countless examples “where guns actually saved lives”. There are so few such examples that they are fairly easy to count (in the scores). Whereas firearm related deaths and injuries, while also fairly easy to count (except for certain types, like police shootings, which are mostly not reported), number in the tens of thousands! If it were a contest, it would be a rout. If you don’t think the over 30 thousand annual firearm related deaths should be used to justify gun restrictions, then it hardly follows that citing ‘guns save lives’ stories can be used to support unfettered gun rights.

  • Robert Karl Stonjek

    Overwhelmingly (more than 4:1) the gun that kills you comes from your own home.

    Yes, knives also kill, but they are less effective and harder to use. All three would probably have survived if only a knife was involved.

    But Americans will defend their right to shoot each other to the death.

  • Stanton Lore

    Profound question. We don’t know the logistics or other dynamics of the situation. He chose to reason with her, perhaps not realizing she was beyond hearing him. I am sure he will wrestle with the question you asked, maybe forever.

  • Rah

    Tragic story being used to serve an agenda….shame! One family tragedy out of the millions that are in this country due to gun ownership is hardly enough to push banning guns. I know there are many domestic cases that end in tragedies because of guns but there are countless instances where guns actually saved lives. How the media has brainwashed so many, very sad indeed.

  • Blake Lee

    Apparently the father’s will to live was stronger than his desire to protect his children. I mean pleading with words? Why didn’t he try to disarm her or stand in front of her and take the bullets for his daughters do they would have time to run? I guess you never know what you’d do in that situation but I feel like I would die for my son.

  • How ironic, Christy had vigorously asserted her love for her daughters in previous facebook postings and then in subsquent postings she told of her desire to protect her family and her defiance of the Democrats ever taking her gun away. Perhaps 3 adults would still be alive if Christy Sheats gun had in fact been taken away …. ?


  • Bob Jones

    How she imagined she’d use her gun versus how she actually used her gun: https://scontent-atl3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/t31.0-8/13517380_1076237372448247_7480528863190435344_o.jpg