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Tommie Bennett, man with no scalp caught robbing truck and other surprises…

Tommie Bennett, man with no scalp
Tommie Bennett is also a preferred hawt bixch. Mugshot from hell courtesy of police bookings.

Making their foray into tabloid land is the compelling visage of small time criminal, Tommie Bennett, 62 who came to recently become an eyesore and then some after he was arrested robbing a truck.

Bennett would be arrested after the truck owner heard a ruckus, catching our collective hero trying to steal a tackle box, tent and fishing pole from his van as it was parked outside an Economy Inn in Florida’s Putnam County.

According to a report via the mirror, Bennett tried fleeing on a bicycle before the owner managed to tackle the man and ground him, tying him with wire until cops arrived.

Yet the best surprise (apart from the brilliant mugshot which has since gone viral) came when attending cops searched the man only to find his pockets crammed with Viagra pills (without prescription).

‘What did you say Willis?’

Subsequent to his arrest, Bennett’s mugshot caught the attention of many (can you tell why?) with many wondering if the thief had been roughed up whilst being brought to account.

Putnam County Police responded that Bennet ‘evidently’ had a skin condition.

Since Tommie Bennett’s run in with the law he has been charged with burglary of a conveyance, larceny and possession of a drug without a prescription and is currently held in custody in lieu of a $2,012 bond payment.

Not necessarily understood at present is how Tommie acquired the viagra and what he intended to do with it…?


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