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Matthew Apperson shoots George Zimmerman: He threatened me again

Matthew Apperson
Another chance encounter? How is that Matthew Apperson and George Zimmerman continue to run into each other? Pictured Apperson and his wife, Liza Mariel Irizarry-Apperson.

Matthew Apperson the man who today took a shot at George Zimmerman during an incidence of road rage has this afternoon told he felt he had no choice but to defend himself after Zimmerman threatened him ‘once again.’

This time after the much maligned former neighborhood watchman purportedly held a gun and motioned toward it as serving a warning.

Whilst Matthew Apperson’s bullet barely missed hitting Zimmerman, it did force the former watchman who was acquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in 2013 to go to hospital after suffering minor injuries when his windshield shattered and cut his face.

The incident which occurred at 12.45pm at Lake Mary, Florida comes eight months after Apperson, a drummer in a local band and a member of the National Rifle Association, told cops that Zimmerman had first threatened him with a gun during a road rage incident.

At the time, Apperson claimed he was ‘verbally attacked‘ by two men in a truck at a stop light in Lake Mary. The men thought he was shaking a finger at them, but he claimed he had just been listening to music.

Apperson told cops that he recognized Zimmerman as the driver and that he was carrying a gun. He claimed Zimmerman yelled at him, ‘Do you know who I am?’ before saying, ‘I’ll f***ing kill you.’

Apperson pulled into a nearby gas station and Zimmerman followed him and threatened to kill him, he said. But Zimmerman left once Apperson headed inside to call 911 about the alleged threats.

Two days later, Apperson called police again when he saw Zimmerman’s truck outside his work place at Waymont Plaza – the same area where Monday’s incident unfolded.

Authorities contacted Zimmerman but he claimed he had just been visiting his doctor at the plaza. Apperson decided not to pursue charges, and police were unable to move forward without a car tag identified or witnesses.

Lake Mary Police Officer Bianca Gillett says investigators have not determined how or why the latest altercation began.

Zimmerman’s lawyer said Local 6 that he recognized the man from the previous incident. 

Matthew Apperson
Matthew Apperson

Matthew Apperson

According to witness Kenneth Cornell who was having lunch at the time of the incident, Apperson drove up and started yelling: ‘I shot George Zimmerman, call 911. I don’t have a phone.’

Cornell said the man didn’t know whether Zimmerman was hurt.

According to Cornell, the man told him that he and Zimmerman had three prior disputes. Reiterating that Zimmerman waved a gun in his direction which in turn prompted Apperson to shoot at Zimmerman.

Interestingly the latest shooting raises the question if whether today’s shooting was another chance encounter? Or whether in fact Matthew Apperson, a drummer i has somehow become a marked man by George Zimmerman?

Whilst cops have declined to tell whether George Zimmerman was armed and to date have also declined to press charges against Apperson, commentators on the web have once again begun questioning how Zimmerman continues to find himself in a new series of events with potentially life threatening resonance and violent ramifications?

With many now wondering if Zimmerman is simply a man continuously in the wrong place or an individual predisposed to violence and capricious behavior? Behavior that ought to have seen him locked up for the death of Trayvon Martin.

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Matthew Apperson

Matthew Apperson

Matthew Apperson

Matthew Apperson



  1. So Jason, did you research Zimmerman’s “convictions” for spousal abuse. Let us know what you found out.
    How about those road rage incidents not involving Apperson? Can you please post links describing these?

  2. ” convicted of abusing his wife ” Factually incorrect Jason. Don’t take my word for it. Research it yourself. Zimmerman has been accused of spousal abuse three times and in each case the accuser dropped the case or recanted their story. Zimmerman never been convicted of spousal abuse.
    A “handful of other road rage incidents”. The use of “other” clearly indicates incidents other than the two involving Apperson. OK Jason – tell us about the “other” road rage incidents… the ones that don’t involve Apperson. Seriously, I’d love to hear about them. Please post with further info.
    Your posts on this thread, including the one above with its factual inaccuracies, show that you, like the author of this article, are letting your bias cloud your objectivity.
    You don’t know who is instigating these incident between Zimmerman and Apperson. Neither do I. Neither does the author of this article.
    The difference between the three of us is that I know I don’t know; you two think you do.

  3. How is he stalking? Whenever he sees the guy he calls the cops. Zimmer followed him into a gas station and threatened him. He then caught Zimmerman waiting outside his work. Called the cops. Then on his way home who is getting into another incident with him? Zimmerman, this time wavering a gun at him! (witnessed I might add). They don’t live or work in the same area so why is Zimmerman always around his place of work and around the neighborhood he lives in? These guys are both gun nuts so loyalty to NRA should not swing your thought process. If you did have gun control laws in place along with laws that make sense (stand your ground is just a poor excuse to murder anyone) then incidents like this would happen at a much reduced rate period.

  4. Wait…the guy pulls up to his destination and knows it was Zimmerman to yell he shot him and for someone to dial 911? How exactly did he know it was George?
    The bullet went through a closed window.

    This guy is stalking George. Firing his weapon into a vehicle is against the law.

    Apperson is a loose cannon. He needs to go to prison.

  5. Well a stalker usually does not report incidents to the police. Tends to let the other person know they are being stalked. Also Zimmer has a long history of violent outbreaks that have landed him in the courtroom more then once. You might want to take off your tin foil hat and actually look at the facts on hand.

  6. One has a long history of violence from shooting dead an unarmed teenager to convicted of abusing his wife not to mention a handful of other road rage incidents that have been reported. The other is a drummer with no rap sheet. Hmmmmmm

  7. So this is the guy that they paid to assassinate George Z? How does one have two random road encounters with the Z Man unless he was stalking him.

    I seriously would like to know who Alperts connections are.

  8. unfortunately as much as i dislike zim this guy is a freak and most likely instigating all this.

  9. “Interestingly the latest shooting raises the question if whether today’s shooting was another chance encounter? Or whether in fact Matthew Apperson… has somehow become a marked man by George Zimmerman?”
    An objective writer writing with no bias (i.e.- clearly NOT the author of this piece, C. Koulouris) would note that Zimmerman may has become a marked man by Apperson.
    Obviously it is suspicious that these two seem to have crossed paths so often. but Kolouris’ bias shows when he questions that perhaps Zimmerman is now stalking Apperson, but fails to consider the reverse.

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