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Naked Texas Student sits nonchalantly by library steps to prove she is not a sex object

Naked Texas Student
Monika getting the attention she wants by proving she is not a sex object.

Monika Rostvold a 22 year old Texas State University student has found herself becoming the talk of campus after she nonchalantly sat outside library steps without clothes as passing students tried to make sense of her on Monday.

Stripping down to a flesh colored thong and nipple pasties along with a bright red blindfold whilst listening to her headphones the Fine Arts student sought to make a statement about sexuality.

Nevertheless the woman’s 45 minute ‘performance art’ piece would lead to police being summonsed who were forced to leave her alone after she persuaded them that her skimpy display was not against the law.

Rostvold would later admit that prior to her stunt she had looked up Texas laws which mandate as long as one covers up their nipples they are not in contravention of nudity laws.

After having kept vigil along the steps of the Albert B. Alkek library, Rostvold told that she had sought to prove that exposing one’s naked body in public contrary to public perception would serve to de sexualize her nudity.

Speaking to campus radio station KTSW, she said: ‘My body is beautiful, natural, this is what it’s supposed to be. I’m trying to take away it being a sex object.’

Reiterated Rostvold: ‘I was fully clothed when I got there… I recorded myself walking up to the steps and then completely taking my clothes off and then putting the ribbon [blindfold] and putting the headphones on.’

Adding: ‘I was there for 45minutes in total and I was so nervous, I was sweating so bad, my heart was pounding and, like, really crazy.’

Rostvold said her strategy for not getting distracted during her display was to ‘zone out’ and ignore everything around her.

Explained the performance artist: ‘So I would just kinda just like zone out and go into this meditative stance and focus on my breathing and feel the sun – and it really heightened my other senses.’

Naked Texas Student

Rostvold added that the response from her fellow students has been ‘awesome’ and that her peers appear to support her, and left appreciative notes.

The student, who also paints on canvas and has published nude works online, has said that her sexuality is a key part of her art.

In a statement on her blog, she said: ‘Being a female artist its hard not to recognize how overly sexualized women are in societies [sic] culture.

‘Pop culture, as a young girl, told me how to be a seductive woman. While, Personal [sic] experiences lead me to question ideas about sensuality. My vibrant color scheme and contemporary subject matter I deconstruct what is socially considered sexy.’

Which of course posits the question if it hadn’t been for the provocation of her sexuality would anyone be paying attention to Monika Rostvold or to be more blunt is the sum of a woman’s value society’s wanton desire for her contingent on her appearances and perceived sexuality? Negated or affirmed….

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Monika Rostvold

Monika RostvoldMonika Rostvold

Monika Rostvold

Monika Rostvold

Monika Rostvold



  1. A better headline: “Coed desperate for attention decides to prove she’s not a sex object by making a sex object out of herself.”

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