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Veronica J Rutledge, mother accidentally shot dead by two year old son at Walmart.


Veronica J Rutledge

Veronica J Rutledge a 29 year old mother was this morning shot dead by her two year old toddler son after the boy inadvertently reached into her purse and discharged a concealed handgun whilst shopping at a Hayden, Idaho, Walmart store.

At the time of the incident, the boy was seated in a shopping cart as the mother took her son and her four other children shopping in the electronics department when the gun went off at 10.20 am, killing the woman instantly.

The shooting, caught on surveillance tape would be deemed an accident, with employees and shoppers mandated to evacuate the store.

Authorities would tell that Rutledge was in town for the holidays and was not from the area and had specifically come to the store looking to spend some gift cards the family received over the holidays.

The victim’s father-in-law, Terry Rutledge said Ms Rutledge ‘was a beautiful, young, loving mother’.

Adding: ‘She was not the least bit irresponsible,’

She was taken much too soon.’

According to The Spokesman-Review, Veronica J Rutledge was a nuclear research scientist and was employed by Idaho National Laboratory.

Pursuant to the accident, a Walmart spokesperson, Aaron Mullins would issue the follow statement Tuesday afternoon:

“A very sad incident occurred at our store today involving the death of a female customer. We are fully cooperating with the Kootenai County Sheriff’s deputies as they investigate this matter.”

Walmart would advise that the store would remain closed until 6 am Wednesday.

Officials would add the mother had a concealed weapons permit, nevertheless fierce debate would ignite with many asking why in the face of haphazard ongoing gun tragedies that there hasn’t been a reconsideration of gun laws?

Veronica J Rutledge

Veronica J Rutledge



  1. One thing we definitely agree on is the media today is terrible and goes for ratings rather than facts. We need to come together to figure out how to correct this politically correct society we live in and get the media back on track, if they ever were. Happy new year.

  2. Agree to disagree. You are correct I do not know all the details,I wasn’t there.Nor were the media present when this supposedly took place.A regurgitation of a police report is what we are getting.Not boasting about
    what I know,stating what I know as fact..I do question the narrative,it makes no sense.This is not a heart issue this is fact.A small firearm, even the smallest made has weight and bulk to it.
    I watch 3,4, & 5 year olds struggle with the awkwardness of trying to hold onto and use crayons and pencils, manipulate size appropriate scissors, until they’ve done it repeatedly and finally master it.
    A two year old is another story…and this story seems very fictitious.And I would wager that this is also fact.

  3. actually, not looking to start an argument here, but you come across as an expert because of your background. Yay, good for you. If we’re going to brag, then let me embellish a little as well. I hold a degree in Physics as well as a masters in Mechanical Engineering so I know a little something about pressures and actions verses reactions. That being said, you don’t know the details you just assume it’s the media spinning this. Let me tell you about the first .38 my wife had. The trigger action was so sensitive that we took the gun bag and had the trigger mechanism reworked so as not to fire or misfire at the glance of a finger. I understand fully how a 2 year old could make this happen if the gun this young woman carried had a trigger similar to that. You are thinking with your heart and not your brain on this one. I wish you a happy 2015, and hope that all is well in your world.

  4. Clueless… your weapon would have to have its safety removed before it would go off.Lots of fear mongering going on and isn’t it strange how the last two years so many
    gun accidents, gun related issues have gone on? All these years prior to the last two(supposedly) responsible gun owners have carried on day after day, year after year,
    with little to zero incidences…….?
    Hate to break this to you …but your being played..You should question and not accept,
    everything you hear as true.

  5. You chum are the only loser, it takes three to five lbs of pressure to move the trigger , their tiny two year old fingers do not reach.Am in education,Pre-K,
    Pinch and grasp are just beginning to be introduced at this age and it is quite awkward for them, until practiced and finally mastered.You should educate yourself before spouting off.The lame stream media is a propaganda machine, nothing more……

  6. You must not have kids or must have not been truly involved in their early years. A 2 year old has more than enough strength to squeeze the trigger of certain hand guns. Try again LOSER

  7. A very sad story and clearly fodder for Monday morning quarterbacking. Many accidents are unforeseen but that doesn’t mean that they are unforeseeable.

    Sadly this young woman was ipso facto irresponsible. Most people do not realize the extent to which we are each liable for our actions. Too many gun owners in particular seem to disregard the potential their guns have to devastate their lives. They fixate instead on the perceived benefits of gun ownership. Ironically Idaho is one of the safest states in the nation. I will accept that this may be partially due to high gun ownership but it is also due to low levels of urban blight.

    If I were to carry my handgun into Walmart, I can foresee that there is a remote chance that through some chain of events I could, or some one else could accidently discharge my handgun and kill a young orthopedic surgeon. I will be sued. I expect that the judgement will be for millions of dollars because of a forgone life time of high earnings. It will far exceed the limits of any insurance that I have. If it is a wrongful death lawsuit due to my intoxication it will not be dischargeable in bankruptcy. If we change the scenario to a situation where I intentionally fire my gun and accidently kill someone, then it is likely that my insurance will not pay at all. Insurance is offered through the NRA. For $1million coverage, which may not be enough, $200/year unintentional incidents or $600/year if you want to cover injury or death from intentional discharge of your gun. Even this insurance has important exclusions. Read the fine print, it matters.

    We should be thankful that accidents like this are publicized. They can serve as a wakeup call to each of us. Do not say, oh this could not happen to me… Rather look at your lifestyle and see where you might have risk of causing hurt to yourself or others, then take appropriate action.

  8. Won’t and don’t believe this ,show the proof,and the lame stream media has not been complicit with
    Going along with their lying scum bag editors or owners of the propaganda machines.Sorry two year
    olds are not physically equipped to do this. Try again losers.

  9. Did anyone learn anything about this incident on loaded guns in purses and toddlers unsupervised in grocery carts ? an accident in the making ? or just a very good marksman. Maybe he took shooting classes. The kid could aim.

  10. This takes you to a tasteless poem about the baby killing her over some candy and has that awful baby cartoon pointing a gun, That is no place to send a condolence.

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