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Pictures: Jaylen Fryberg love triangle. Gia Soriano and Shaylee Chuckulnaskit fight for their lives

Shaylee Chuckulnaskit
How did the culture of misogyny lead to one teen taking revenge against 3 females? Pictured: Shaylee Chuckulnaskit (via facebook).

Caught in the aftermath of yesterday’s Marysville-Pilchuck High School shooting and fighting for their lives are two fourteen year old girls, Gia Soriano and Shaylee Chuckulnaskit who had come to  be purposefully targeted by Jaylen Fryberg along with a third 14 year old girl Zoe Galasso who would be pronounced dead at the scene.

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Why did Jaylen Fryberg, homecoming prince kill one, injure four before killing himself?

Also specifically targeted in the assault were Jaylen Fryberg’s cousins, 15-year-old Andrew Fryberg and 14-year-old Nate Hatch whom the gunman believed had betrayed him by having pursued one of the three women who Fryberg was known to have been involved with over the summer. A sense of agony which would be expressed in recent weeks via ominous threats.

Read one such tweet: ‘Your gonna piss me off… And then some s*** gonna go down and I don’t think you’ll like it…’.

And then there was his final tweet the evening before the rampage which ominously read: ‘It won’t last…It’ll never last…’.

Gia Soriano

Whether Fryberg’s ex girlfriend had slept behind her boyfriend’s back as some have wondered or whether the recently elected homecoming prince was simply unable to swallow the loss of young love has yet to be necessarily understood.

What is evident in the latest carnage to make national headlines is the degree of pervasive violence against women that remains unchecked in a culture that holds women accountable for the pain and failures of men. Or had 15 year old Jaylen Fryberg come to believe the failures were those of others and that he was the aggrieved party, the football star, the homecoming prince who naturally deserved better, unable to fathom a situation that his romantic overtures could possibly be rebuffed?

In the end one is wanton to understand how the tragedy played itself out, what signs teachers, parents, community leaders and friends missed out and why the young man felt that his only recourse was to take down those who he perceived had mitigated his masculinity and virility.

Gia Soriano
Gia Soriano. Pictures via facebook.
Gia Soriano
Gia Soriano
Gia Soriano
Gia Soriano
Gia Soriano
Gia Soriano
Shaylee Chuckulnaskit
Jaylen Fryberg and Shaylee Chuckulnaskit who the shooter was pictured with repeatedly via facebook and now thought to be the assailant’s ex girlfriend.
 Shaylee Chuckulnaskit
 Shaylee Chuckulnaskit
 Shaylee Chuckulnaskit
 Shaylee Chuckulnaskit


  1. Takecare, could it have been his diabetes that was affecting him? I saw on his facebook that sometimes his blood sugar went really low. This can make a person do things they wouldn’t normally do and become a different personality.

  2. You are some disgusting human beings to call this a “love triangle.” These were CHILDREN. Stop diverting your attention from the tragedy and pay respect to the families who have lost so much.

  3. The day of the shooting someone pointed to the photo on jaylen’s instagram with his rifle. There were many posts on that pic but the one that struck me was a kid saying “I know I f@&”Ed Shilene, but you didn’t have to kill Nate and Gia.” Either it was a sick joke from a witness to who was shot or a clue to why since at that time those names weren’t released yet. The profile has since been deleted.

  4. Can we discuss things which might serve as clues to help people in the future? Yes. But takecare22 is dead on the money with his defense here. I’m sorry, but Getreal’s assertion that a parent should have been able to catch this by reading Jaylen’s Twitter posts is ridiculous. By all accounts, this happened quickly. And the tweets we’ve seen were cryptic at best. Nobody would predict that this would happen from those messages. And furthermore, we don’t know anything about the communications he had with his parents before this.

    It is not the rightful place of an outsider to publicly bash his parents. The only thing we can be sure of is that Getreal has a poor strategy for reaching conclusions. Those of us with any sense recognize when we lack enough facts to draw conclusions, and we are ESPECIALLY reserved when it comes to making public accusations.

  5. You know if Shilene George deleted her facebook, she obviously did not want publicity, so why are you writing her name all over this news story?? Maybe respect her privacy?

  6. takecare22, it certainly isn’t anyone’s position to judge but a healthy society also encourages its members to ask questions as to how we as individuals and a collective choose to behave.

    That said the way Jaylen Fryberg chose to behave imparts ever lasting consequences to his victims, their families, their friends, the school, the community he once belonged to and furthermore his actions suggest a deeply troubled adolescence who despite his apparent likability and personal issues has to be held accountable for his choices and furthermore by discussing why he behaved the way he did we perhaps stop another young man from doing the same thing the next day by bringing to the fore those issues that perhaps Jaylen was unable to express except through gutless behavior …..

  7. Its crazy reading these kinds of posts when you know the person its about so well! I grew up with Jaylen, and first off, the pictures that he and another girl are together in, is his ex- girlfriend SHILENE GEORGE, Shaylee didnt date Jaylen. Jaylen and Shi were in a long term (2 year) relationship, and had just began fighting VERY RECENTLY, considering that they attended HOMECOMING together about a week or so ago. DONT POST STUFF LIKE THIS WHEN YOU DONT HAVE THE FACTS. Shaylee is the one that was shot. Not a girlfriend. Shilene lives in Kingston, and was not at MPHS during the shooting. Please post accurate statements, not rumored BULLSHIT.

  8. i will try my best to be nice about what im gonna say to you, because you are naive and really dont understand. he was just another kid. i grew up with him. he was happy all the time! i never saw him without a smile. his family was so close and loving! one of the closest families i know… he was definitely the most respectful kid i know that is our age. not only of elders, and authority, but of kids his age. he wasnt an asshole jock like im sure your kids are, he was a sweet, loving, and genuinely caring person. this is a tough time for family and friends, becuase we’re lost. can you take a second and imagine if this was your child? im sure youre thinking no way, thats never be my child. BUT IT COULDVE BEEN. i never told my paretns when i had suicidal or depressed thoughts, netiher do 90% of kids with depression or mental health issues. which jaylen may or may not have had, and it is not your place to say he has mental problems.. he wasnt a nutjob, he was just like any other kid… he kept his pain and struggles to himself and he couldn’t carry them alone. Its not our job to judge, so I dont understand why you are doing that. Im 16 years old, and even i understand that what you are saying is not right. you’re a judgmental bitch, and i hope karma gets back at you for the way you think.

  9. It gives them a voice in the world. Kids with no friends can make some. Schools require it, colleges can weed out the bad seeds. Good kids do good things with it.

  10. They knew, they had to. If my daughter posted anything questionable, i got calls from friends and family before i saw it myself. Someone told her or she saw. He was her gifted little angel, im sure. He loved shooting guns and killing animals, gentle soul.

  11. This would NOT have happened if Jaylen’s dad had LOCKED UP HIS GUNS! That man should be filled with regret. It’s not that hard.

  12. What’s your deal with this liberal crap? Situations like this happen and people like you always bring up politics, ridiculous. Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals it doesn’t make a difference. Crimes with guns have happened for hundreds of years, there’s no distinction between what political party they or anyone associated with them claim.

    Conservatives believe heavily in gun rights so what’s your point in the first place, or were you just picking the absolute worst place and time to spew your political garbage?

  13. I saw that his mother wendy also has a twitter account. It doesn’t appear that she was very active on there however she did have an account and obviously was familiar enough with twitter to be able to check her sons account regularly. Regardless someone should have been monitoring such a vulgar and clearly unhappy CHILD. The fact that she was involved in social media and couldn’t take the time to check in on her sons twitter feed or Facebook page makes me physically ill. It’s unsettling and horrifying to think that teens these days are allowed to have a free for all out there – whether it be in cyberspace or in public and that they are not being monitored or PARENTED by their own mothers and fathers. People wake up. Know where your kids are, know what they’re doing online, know their friends, KNOW THEM. Negligence is shameful.

    How blind are you? You seriously had no clue your kid was a nut job?? The kind of nut job that kills others and then himself? Wow.

  14. “The parent are obligated to society to maintain there family in a manner that dosnt cause a threat to society.”

    You would have to arrest 80% of the liberal voting base.
    I dont see that happening,
    not easily at least.

  15. Whos the gun owner. Arrest that person and arrest the parents. The Gun owner has to be held responsible for what ever that gun does. The parent are obligated to society to maintain there family in a manner that dosnt cause a threat to society. The kid is 14, clearly consider a child by law.

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