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Pictures: Jaylen Fryberg shot his cousins and girlfriend Zoe Galasso

Zoe Galasso
Was Zoe Galasso the girlfriend that Jaylen Fryberg pined for?

It has been proposed that Marysville-Pilchuck High School freshman and recent homecoming prince, Jaylen Fryberg may have gone on his shooting spree as a consequence of a love triangle gone wrong, which in essence involved one or both of his cousins who he shot dating one of the girls, Zoe Galasso as well as two other girls, Gia Soriano and Shaylee Chuckulnaskit he had hoped to re-make his girlfriend after a tumultous recent break up.

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Pictures: Jaylen Fryberg love triangle. Gia Soriano and Shaylee Chuckulnaskit fight for their lives

Why did Jaylen Fryberg, homecoming prince kill one, injure four before killing himself?

In the shoot out which stunned a school and once again gutted a nation who has sadly come to contend with a rolling roster of school shoot outs in recent years, yesterday’s gunman 15 year old ‘beloved’ homecoming prince Jaylen Fryberg is believed to have been harboring teenage angst and resentment towards his cousins who he regarded as his best friends for ‘betraying him.’

At the time the teenager entered the school cafeteria at 10.39 am PST where he then point blank proceeded with a pistol (his parents had recently acquired for him) to target and shoot at five teenagers in a packed cafeteria before then killing himself.

The shooting would lead to one girl killed (possibly the love interest), Zoe Galasso, two males injured, both his cousins, 15-year-old Andrew Fryberg and 14-year-old Nate Hatch as well as that of two females, Gia Soriano and Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, both 14, who are currently in critical condition and fighting for their lives at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington.

Zoe Galasso

Told a relative, Don Hatch, of the two cousins gunned down on the today show: ‘They’re just three complete buddies, and they couldn’t be closer than three brothers.’

Yet it has since been speculated a girl came in between them (which girl has yet to be publicly verified).

According to one student, Bella Panjeli, Jaylen had recently become embroiled in an ongoing dispute between one of his cousins over one of the girls he shot.

‘I heard he asked her out and she rebuffed him and was with his cousin,’ she said via reuters, ‘It was a fight over a girl.’

There have since been suggestions that the girl he had been dating may have slept with one of his cousins, that said police have cautioned it’s still too early to say if one of the girls shot or injured was the possible love interest of the forlorn young man or the instigating reason for the shoot out.

Told one recent tweet exchange on the shooter’s twitter handle (@frybergj)“Dude. She tells me everything. And now I f*cking HATE you! Your no longer my “Brother”!”

‘Did you forget she was my girlfriend?’

Reports heavyA student who identified himself as a friend of the gunman told Fox News in a televised interview today that Jaylen Fryberg recently “went through a breakup.”

Authorities have also said that it’s also not clear which of the two cousins could have been dating the girl.

Zoe Galasso
Jaylen Fryberg

Zoe Galasso

Zoe Galasso

Zoe Galasso

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  1. I agree with your take on the Jaylen situation, he was having his way with more than one girl, and then he is on the outs with both and blames the group. Many adults have issues when it comes to these type relationships, these children are taking on adult behaviors they are not ready for- and it is mostly due to poor parenting. Many parents are emotionally stunted and behave like adolescents themselves. Poor kids.

  2. Some Native communities practiced polygamy. Jaylen’s family is planning a “traditional” funeral. Maybe they also brought him up to imagine it is acceptable for a male to have many consorts, who are all regarded as his property, marked out by him for himself — and obliged never to be with any other male.

  3. Teenage serial killer. Heartless. Sadistic. People who are still “seeing some good in him” or “understanding his motivation” or — worse yet! — “missing him” need some serious counseling. To be sure, his immediate family is in shock, yet if they look back, the signs were always there… Tragic for his victims; lucky more were not shot… But if he had not killed then, he may well have turned into that classic example of a murderous abuser who one day gets really angry and kills his wife, her parents, all the kids, the baby & the family pets as well… The underlying problem is his inability to understand that the people in his life are not his “property” to be dealt with any way that strikes him as fitting at a given moment. He was not nearly mature enough for any sexual intimacy, that’s certain!

  4. Think you are really wrong. The kid had a couple of girlfriends. Zoe he got pregnant back in June. Shilene he was cheating on and on/off with since 8th grade. Then Andrew moved in on Zoe and Jaylen lost it. Shilene is recent break up like 2 days after homecoming, went to different school, and probably in the dark on all of it. My guess is that Jaylen probably finally decided he wanted to be with Zoe and she was all set and into his cousin. Jaylen thought his cousin shouldn’t have ever gone there cause Zoe was “his girl”, despite fact that he kind of had 2 of them. Read through the tweets. Not too hard to figure out. Shilene was blaming some Rose girl who is actually friends with all of them. She had the wrong girl. I just wonder where any of their parents are or were? The tweets are all about sex, drinking, smoking pot. They were all way too young to handle any of that stuff emotionally. Jaylen a very young, immature, 15 year old having sex, almost a father? The two girls have no mothers around at all in their lives. Really too heavy of issues for their early adolescent brains to be dealing with. This is what is happening with all the access to Social media, graphic video games, and over sexualized television. Kids think they should be having sex at 12 or not cool, girls compete to get the most guys- they are in no way capable of dealing. Parents are missing, unavailable physically either working or divorced, but also emotionally, spiritually. They think the school’s will raise their children and rely on tv, social media, text messaging, and video games to babysit and socialize them. They do not know how to have relationships, how to deal with their feelings, how to deal with rejection, anger, sadness, depression, and no one notices or cares. School shootings are not about guns. They are about who is raising the children? What is a parents role? Who is preparing them to manage in this world by understanding their world and understanding them? And helping them grow into fully functioning adults? Everyone wants to point a finger, but when you decide to have a child, that is your first full-time job and responsibility and doesn’t stop or get easier when they start first grade, or 8th grade, or high school, it is just different. And if the parent is struggling,has problems, going through a divorce, etc…So what? You get help, because your children come first, and they are not here to parent you, nor can they parent themselves!

  5. Don’t know the answer to that but it was all about Shilene though. Right before he opened fire on his friends (and he set them up btw, texting them all to meet in the cafeteria for lunch so they’d all be in the same spot) he took a selfie with a gun in the photo and sent a nasty text off to her. She deleted her Facebook account right after the shooting.

  6. I would just like to comment that in my opinion this is one of the poorest pieces of writing/composition I have recently read. Was this written by a high school student? The very first sentence is so convoluted that it is almost impossible to follow. And that’s just the beginning.

  7. Soapypudding, are you for real? Get a life and back off. Are you really this anal? I would hate to be related to you and have to be corrected every time I speak. WOW!!!

  8. Its the junior high dibbs bs. I like this girl, no one else can talk to her. Its not up to the girl. Hes a spoiled piece or trash. I can’t beat you up, so ill shoot. I saw his twitter. He threatened to fight and was laughed at. Bring it, everyone knows you can’t fight. So he brought a gun instead.

  9. Exactly , 14 year old boy who has big problems when is frustrated.
    Just cannot understand how in USA kids only can drink at 21 but can fire a gun with 14. Poor kids hope they get better soon without problems for the rest of there lives.

  10. For buying that lunatic a gun, his parents should be responsible for the deaths their precious, little brat caused. Since he’s now a rotting corpse and can’t go to prison, his stupid parents should.

  11. His girlfriend that he broke up with in June was someone else, NOT Zoe Galasso. Jaylen’s twitter account screams at the girlfriend, NOT Zoe. The girl was Shilene George. Do your homework people before posting news articles where you post incorrect information. And why is everyone in the cafeteria “at lunch” at 10:30 in the morning? Really odd.

  12. If she had broken up with him or refused to date him, it’s not a love-triangle. It’s some entitled jerk who won’t take no for an answer.

  13. I’ll tell you a secret soapypudding; At school and at ivy league school I always managed to get the cream of the crop in grades but when it came to grading my attitude there was always a lobsided (did I spell that right?) grade attached, hence the best I could ever aspire to be was not a nytimes reporter or a washington post reporter but just a resigned tabloid reporter/blogger. Alas.

    That said yesterday’s shooting has me wondering to what degree young Jaylen may have been stymied, emasculated that, he the ‘homecoming prince’, he the ‘football star’ and by proxy the ‘male prize’ came to miss out in the love stakes department, an area where alpha males are often led by our culture to believe is theirs for the taking?

    That being the case where else was the teenager to go? Not mature enough to perhaps understand that it rains another day, perhaps not mature enough to understand that a woman always has the right to say not to a man and she is not his commodity, Jaylen did the unthinkable- he took them down because his sense of masculinity and virility had been compromised.

    ps- you’re right, we need a bloody copy editor 🙂

  14. Thank you for this information and putting faces to this tragedy. That said, you really need to work on your sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation. You’ve presented a lot of good information here but it’s rather poorly written. It’s hard to make sense of the information due to your run-on
    sentences and lack of proper punctuation. The poor writing does a disservice to
    your story.

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