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Andrea Ann McCullough threatened to kill over stale cinnabon

Andrea Ann McCullough
Andrea Ann McCullough is the new face of the disenfranchised citizen of a brave new world…

All Andrea Ann McCullough, 33 of Charleston, South Carolina wanted was a fresh cinnabon and that would have been that. Except that’s not what her local Burger King doled up to her which caused McCullough to demand the outlet go out back and dig up a fresh cinnamon like the ad said. Except they couldn’t, cause it was the last one. And that is when Andrea Ann McCullough finally lost the plot.

jezebel: When McCoullough was told that this was the only roll the establishment had left — Oh, hell no! — she weighed her options carefully and chose to yell out a measured “I’m going to shoot everyone” before storming off into the night. That could have been all, but McCullough was so incensed (nay, enraged!) by the fast food establishment’s lies that she returned to the restaurant and, with her hand in her purse, stated “I’m going to shoot down this place.”

Police were soon called which led to our cinnamon munching heroine and her two companions beating a hasty retreat, with police only catching up to McCullough last week, the incident having taken place May 13th. To date police have yet to ascertain whether our disenfranchised consumer was actually carrying a gun or not.

Nevertheless, for her troubles, Andrea Ann McCullough might end up spending three years in a state prison. At present she’s currently out on $10,000 bail on charges of misdemeanor assault.

If only Burger King simply had the audacity to serve her up a fresh cinnabon, none of this shit would have happened… right?

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