Home Scandal and Gossip Did Alex Hribal threaten two students by phone before stabbings?

Did Alex Hribal threaten two students by phone before stabbings?

Alex Hribal threaten two students
Did Alex Hribal threaten two students before the stabbings?

Detectives have told that they are investigating whether Franklin Regional High School student, Alex Hribal may have threatened two students by phone minutes before he stabbed 21 individuals.

The assertion comes via a search warrant that was obtained immediately after last weeks attacks after allegations from two students that they had received  ‘threatening phone messages and completed calls’ from Alex Hribal.

District Attorney John Peck told none of the two boys who made the claims came to be harmed by Hribal.

Although the purported calls are said to have been made the evening before the stabbings, authorities have declined to verify if that is the case as they continue to investigate and check verifiable phone numbers that Hribal may have used.

Asked about the purported phone calls, Alex Hribal’s Defense attorney Patrick Thomassey advised that he ‘did not know of the phone calls.’ 

Thomassey has said he plans to waive Hribal’s right to a preliminary hearing next week. After that, he said he would ask a judge to move the case to juvenile court, a move prosecutors are expected to contest. Thomassey said that request will be based largely on a mental health evaluation by a doctor he’s hired.

The question of whether Alex Hribal threatened two youths could potentially diminish the argument that he was succumbing to the pressure of ongoing bullying and was the primary aggressor himself. Nevertheless mounting evidence exists to suggest that the young man had come to the end of his tether when he was responding to ongoing bully. Not that ultimately his actions ought to be condoned, yet sometimes this is all frustrated teenagers understand how to respond, which raises the question why weren’t there other available options to help Alex Hribal and others like him?

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