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Jahi McMath body deteriorating. When will family give up?

Jahi McMath body
Jahi McMath. What are we really fighting over by keeping her alive?

Jahi McMath lawyer insists she is improving despite rapid body deterioration.

Body of Jahi McMath released to mother. Search for facility underway.

A good decision? Jahi McMath wins last minute emergency injunction to stay hooked up.

Why is Jahi McMath, 13 year old brain dead girl after tonsil surgery taken off life support against family wishes?

As Jahi McMath‘s body was brought into a new undisclosed location yesterday, family lawyer, Christopher Dolan has now told that the 13 year old’s body has ‘deteriorated so badly’ that her heart may not continue beating.

Implicit in Dolan’s statement is the contention that the deterioration of Jahi McMath is the result of Oakland Children’s Hospital declining to surgically insert a feeding tube for the girl who the lawyer told recently did not receive nutrition for more than three weeks after being declared brain dead.

‘Right now,’ Dolan added, ‘we don’t know if she’s going to make it.’

During a news conference yesterday, Dolan went on to confirm that Jahi was now ‘safely where she needs to be,’ in a facility where she’s receiving nutritional support, including potassium, minerals and hormones.

The lawyer went on to tell the girl was  also getting antibiotics to combat possible infection that Dolan told she may have suffered while at Children’s Hospital.

Incredulous speech many have come to wonder at the hands of an opportunist lawyer who is now supposing that a brain dead individual is capable of receiving nutrients and synthesizing them into sustenance.

In keeping tabs with the media, the lawyer has now told that Jahi McMath is now being examined by medical staff at the new undisclosed facility.

Tells Dolan: ‘She’s in very bad shape. What I can tell you is that those examinations show that her medical condition, separate from the brain issue, is not good.’

Jahi’s uncle, Omari Sealey, referred to the transport of Jahi’s body as an emotional roller coaster.

‘My sister she was crying,‘ Sealey told during a press conference yesterday ‘I kissed her forehead and told her, ‘I’ll see you soon.”

Sealey went on to tell the family was at last relieved, grateful and happy that Jahi had been moved and added that although the family believes she is still alive, they will only come to terms with death if her other organs fail.

‘We’re not going to play God,’ Sealey told. ‘If her heart stops beating while she’s hooked to the ventilator, we can accept that.’

Never mind the reason the girl is alive in the first place is because a machine is artificially forcing the Jahi’s heart to beat whilst her body begins to decompose.

Dolan disclosed in all, five facilities came forward to accept Jahi — most of them changing their minds for various reasons. Some facilities indicated that they did not want to deal with the amount of media attention her story has attracted reiterated the lawyer, never mind the courting the lawyer has been doing on behalf of the family’s behalf.

At present the family has continued to maintain its donation drive to keep Jahi alive, nevertheless one wonders when the family and various members of the public come to resist funding an exercise in sheer faith vs that of literal science which in essence is what the Jahi McMath incident has now become.

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  1. Contractures usually begin in the extremities, especially hands. I think her “rolling over and bending at the waist” is Mom’s wishful thinking or the staff turning her over.

  2. You don’t know what the hospital did or didn’t do because the family won’t sign a release for cho to talk about this. She was dead, they are not going to feed a corpse.

  3. You said her body will soon contract. Do you think that is what is happening now when her family said she is rolling over in the bed and bending at the waist?

  4. I’m sorry but if they had not refused to give nutrients to her body she could have had SOME type of chance… IMPO the hospital was trying to cover up a MAJOR screw up on their end and they hoped they could get out of the responsibility by making sure she was dead before leaving their hospital…

  5. another useless, desperate comment . religion, and it’s childish beliefs, have done massive damage to the peoples of the world. hopefully dying beliefs as mankind continues to evolve.

  6. Unlike you, I am FAR from a bozo & MANY scientists (such as Inside the Wormhole, NOVA, & other “bozo” scientists) look at Spirituality – NOT man made religion – with physics & science!

  7. miracles? lol. no such thing. only unexplained events described by bozos like you as miracles because of your idiotic religious beliefs.

  8. 5 comments from heartless “experts” with limited knowledge on all things medical
    & ABSOLUTELY NO knowledge or
    understanding about metaphysics & miracles

    As for the “greedy” lawyer wishing to sue the Shitty Hospital Of Death dry, do so….& take them for all they got!!!

  9. When this first began, it was unclear if the child was actually deceased. All the media hoopla made it ‘mad’ confusing. The chaos apparently opened the door for some timely fundraising by the mother, then by her friend and there’s even a third friend of the mother’s trying to raise money for her own healthy daughter’s education. She has not yet been given one dollar. It’s not clear why the mother would take money from people in the false hope of raising her daughter from the dead. It’s been over a month and sadly, the body must be kind of unpleasant by now. This is so very odd.

  10. psychotic uncle kissing the corpse. what about the two little sisters? anyone want to venture how they are doing?

  11. This is only the beginning. Soon her body will begin to contract, her skin integrity will diminish.. decubitus ulcers will occur. The day to day procedures that will be required to keep her existence up is invasive and no matter how they are done.. demeaning. Even on the very .. and I do mean very off chance she were to wake up from this, she will not be the same little girl. She will be left with profound physical and mental disabilities.
    I pray these parents find the strength to let her body go.

  12. While utterly convinced the girl is legally & medically dead due to irreversible, total brain damage, I’ve continued to hold a small space for the notion that the family is suffering from religious delusion & hysteria.

    But these latest comments from that filthy scumbag lawyer clearly demonstrate that the entire drama has been & continues to be a carefully orchestrated charade to garner public sympathy for the coming megabucks lawsuit against the hospital.

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