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Why is Jahi McMath, 13 year old brain dead girl after tonsil surgery taken off life support against family wishes?

Jahi McMath
Jahi McMath

Jahi McMath lawyer insists she is improving despite rapid body deterioration.

Jahi McMath body deteriorating. When will family give up?

Body of Jahi McMath released to mother. Search for facility underway.

A good decision? Jahi McMath wins last minute emergency injunction to stay hooked up.

The family of Jahi McMath have gone on to express condemnation after doctors have told they seek to take the 13 year old off life support against their wishes.

Having suffered complications during a routine operation on on Dec. 9 to have her tonsils removed, Jahi McMath went into cardiac arrest and soon there after became brain dead.

That said the head of pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital in Oakland, California tells they have no choice under Californian law but to remove the girl’s life support given that she has been technically declared dead under Californian law.

Under California law, to declare someone legally brain dead, two doctors must declare it at least three hours apart.

Told the girl’s uncle, Omari Sealey: ‘We didn’t want her to be removed from life support but the decision is out of our hands because it’s been declared a legal death.’

But in a startling telling, Jahi’s mother Nailah Winkfield has told she felt that the hospital was pressuring her into switching off her daughter’s life support so that they could re-use the bed.

Told the mother: ‘They just have a social worker follow me around all day long asking me “Do you have any other family that needs to see her?” like trying to put a rush on it,’

Went on to say Omari Sealey: ‘As long as she has a pulse, we want her on life support,’ 

‘We want her to come home for Christmas. We want to give her presents. We want a chance for a Christmas miracle.’

In further addressing her daughter’s death, Nailah Winkfield told hospital staff failed to provide adequate care and attention to Jahi.

Upon having undergone surgery and by then recovering, the girl began to bleed from her nose and  mouth.

Told Winkfield: ‘My daughter had actual clots sliding out of her mouth and they gave me a cup and said, “Here, catch them with the cup so we can measure them,’

It wasn’t until the mother started screaming that nurses at last reacted to Winkfield.

Reiterated Winkfield: ‘I was the last one to see Jahi,’

 ‘I said, “Somebody help my baby please!” And they came in and starting working on her. The next thing I know, the doctor said, “Oh no, she doesn’t have a heart rate anymore.”

Added Omari Sealey: ‘There was a lack of urgency,’ 

 ‘It’s shock, it’s disbelief. You never think something like this will happen to you.’

Jahi went into cardiac arrest and was resuscitated.

She spent the following day, Tuesday, on a ventilator, but by 2am on Wednesday doctors said she had swelling in her brain, and on Thursday, she was declared legally brain-dead, according to the Oakland Tribune.

Spokesperson for Oakland Children’s Hospital went on to tell in a statement: ‘We’re very sad about this outcome, about what’s happened to her, but at this point I have no information on the details of the surgery.

‘We will certainly investigate what happened. In any surgery there are risks and there can be unexpected, unanticipated complications.’

Went on to reiterate Dr. Daniel Robbins, a pediatrician of Lamorinda Pediatrics: “Patients die in about one in 25,000 tonsillectomies.”

“There are pros and cons that need to be thought through carefully,”

“But by and large this actually is a procedure that is relatively safe fewer and fewer children now have it done although it can dramatically improve, say, sleep apnea that her family says Jahi had.”

Interestingly many on the web have gone on to speculate if the hospital may be covering up foul practices after initially voting to keep Jahi McMath on life support, whilst others have wondered if it is a deep case of denial on the family’s part?

Update: The family of a 13-year-old Oakland girl who was declared brain-dead after tonsil-removal surgery served a cease-and-desist order to Children’s Hospital Oakland on Tuesday demanding that she be kept on life support, then said hours later that the hospital had agreed not to remove the ventilator.



  1. I was going to reply to this immature, TOTALLY, NON-Medical
    comment this TROLL posted, until I realize

    Being new on here, I just realized this Jim is just
    a troll.

    Something I guess ever1 else on here already knew.

    What a waste of x dealing with it (this troll)!

  2. There’s no SENSE in trying to state that the hospital staff preyed on the ignorance of the family. This implies malice, which no one posting here has any proof of.

    Also PB insults the family implying they are ignorant, when clearly they are not.

    The only thing you got right was using the word COMMON. It all too COMMON for people with no inside knowledge of situation to rush to state their opinion.

  3. Correct.
    This inadequate
    and useless attitude is exhibited in nursing and hospital staff all over!!

    Case & point, my mother & a several other patients who experienced total
    piss poor inept staff at Washington Adventist Hospital in a DC suburb of MD.

    I still wish to file a malpractice suite against that sewage level hospital

  4. My question was regarding PB’s assertion that the hospital staff preyed upon the ignorance of the family. Posting unsupported information does nothing to change the fact that a little girl is brain dead.

  5. The medical doctor who performed the surgery on her was responsible for directing her immediate recovery from that surgery. Please publish the name of this doctor so members of the public can get his or her side of this tragedy. Until all the facts are revealed about this horrible incident, it would also be best for any other potential patients to avoid this doctor. Hence the publication of his or her name is vital for the protection of the public. Also, the public deserves to be able to verify the medical credentials of this doctor. Please you gutless politically correct publishers, publish the name of this doctor who was evidently responsible for all this horror story in the first place. The public will thank you.

  6. Well thought out answer. I do believe if she was in DIC she would not have been spitting out clots. I am thinking someone nicked the carotid artery while operating. I totally agree that it was under experienced staff that let it get this far. Hospitals keep pushing for degree over experience. Poor Jahi and her family.

  7. I assisted at bedside for a nurse pulling a vas cath a few years ago. The removal went ok at first , but the site wouldn’t stop bleeding, and the amount was accelerating.She put more and more pressure on, and the patient began to lose consciousness,as the nurse began to panick about why his head dropped to the side.I had to point out to her, that she was leaning all her weight on both sides of his throat to hold down the gauze and pressure the site and anchor her weight to do so , so she was effectivley strangling the patient.He came around quickly, once she lifted the pressure and let his blood flow to his head again. HAd I not been there to figure what the heck was happening and SAY SO he may have expired , or been brain damaged from lack of oxygen, and who would ever figure out why? It would just be another unexplained death, guess it was his time….

  8. The danger of any “routine ” procedure isn’t just that complications can happen.It is that the teams of people responsible for your care get rusty , complacent and sometimes are so new at the job, they have no clue what to do when something goes this horribly wrong ,for example the chapter they read on hemorrhaging was ages ago and they’ve never seen it for real.My friend was sent home from the hospital with a life threatening hemoglobin count.Even she knew it sounded low after all the days people had told her results that were “good” her RN explained it away with “we just gave you IV fluids “( that could make a result look low for awhile) They sent her home and she nearly bled to death at home, with blood gathering and clotting in he abdomen from a tiny cut in a small artery during surgery that the surgeon hit and didn’t notice.People aren’t tought to think these things through anymore, just jump to the most likely and easy explanation.

  9. PB is almost certainly right. And judging by the spot on determination I’d guess PB has some direct knowledge of medical procedure and the complications that occur…And You?

  10. The other alternative is DIC, where the bodies natural clotting mechanisms run amok, but even in that situation she should have immediatly been rushed into surgery to search for a possible nicked artery or vein while the prepped unmatched blood for her and did the necessary lab work to determine what needed to be done next. .Her brain swelling is due to lack of oxygen so she likely aspirated her own blood while the morons diddled around thinking this is just a tonsilectomy, what could be wrong.I’ve seen this before, and it is a tragic lack of action and intellect on the part of under- trained,underexperienced medical personel who’ve done so many routine procedures without trouble they have no clue what to do when this happens.They look at a liter of blood clot and think geez, its just a nose bleed..They can’t concieve of a procedure going this wrong ,this fast so they imediately go into denial.This poor child was killed by ignorance and inaction.

  11. This child should have been taken back to surgery immediately. She had a surgical site bleed that needed to be resolved. Instead, this hospital, nurses, medical doctor preyed upon the ignorance of this child’s family and did nothing. This child drowned on her blood which caused her brain death.

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