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Despite Kate Middleton Nurse suicide 2DayFm refuses to fire dj’s. Says they are the real victims!

Jacintha Saldanha
Jacintha Saldanha
Jacintha Saldanha
Jacintha Saldanha

Aussie dj’s Mel Greig and Michael Christian as well 2DayFM staff now receive death threats.

Kate Middleton nurse Jacintha Saldanha hung herself with scarf say police. Left 3 suicide notes.

Did Kate Middleton nurse really leave a suicide note? Mystery deepens….

Aussie dj’s radio show that pranked Kate Middleton’s nurse terminated.

Kate Middleton nurse suicide suspicious. Are others involved?

Aussie dj’s express public grief and shock that their royal prank worked.

Kate Middleton nurse suicide leads to 2DayFm radio advertiser boycotts.

Kate Middleton Nurse suicide leads to Aussie Dj’s suspended.

Kate Middleton Nurse suicide leads to outrage on twitter.

Kate Middleton nurse who received prank phone call found dead, suicide suspected.

Aussie Djs prank call Kate Middleton’s hospital. Pretend to be the Queen and Prince Charles.

In what can only stoke more controversy, bosses at 2DayFm radio station of Australia have gone on this weekend to argue that they have no intention what so ever of firing presenters Mel Greig and Michael Christian. In fact bosses have gone on to say that they are the real victims of the tragedy that led to Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse in the middle of the royal Kate Middleton prank, to commit suicide.

dailymail.co.uk: Rhys Holleran, the chief executive of Southern Cross Austereo, which owns the station, said the presenters were ‘completely shattered’ and had been offered counselling.

Mr Holleran told a press conference in Melbourne that the primary concern was for the family of Jacintha Saldanha, whose body was found yards from the King Edward VII Hospital yesterday.

‘I spoke to both presenters early this morning and it’s fair to say they are completely shattered.

‘These people aren’t machines, they’re human beings. What happened is incredibly tragic and we’re deeply saddened and we’re incredibly affected by that.’

‘I think prank calls as a craft in radio have been going for decades and decades and are not just part of one radio station or network or country.

‘No-one could have reasonably foreseen what ended up being an incredibly tragic day.’

Interestingly Mr Holleran declined to reveal who had dreamed up the prank call but went on to say: ‘These things are often done collaboratively.’

Which of course raises the question, who else is Mr Holleran protecting?

Despite the wide call to sack the presenters after public disgust there are also many who believe that the pair although they may have chosen to exercise more discretion should not be punished for an act that many believe to have been highly improbable in the first place (see comments pulled off the web supporting this below). That is the taking of one’s life simply because they were humiliated and caught in an embarrassing faux pas. Nevertheless the behavior of the radio outlet does force a dialogue as to what really counts for entertainment, thoughtful commentary and insight and whether on some level journalism is becoming increasingly invasive, intrusive and akin to a form of bullying….?

At present the owners of the radio station that employ Mel Greig and Michael Christian went on to announce that the duo will not return to their show until further notice.

2DAY FM Aussie dj’s Mel Greig and Michael Christian are scumbags.
2DAY FM Aussie dj’s Mel Greig and Michael Christian are scumbags.

Oh jeez. It was a prank call that wasn’t even directed at the nurse. I feel horrible that she died, and I feel awful for her family. But seriously, calling for the DJs’ heads is ridiculous. The woman blew this -way- out of proportion, the DJs didn’t do anything that would reasonably lead to anything like this. Ridiculous….   


Why in Heaven’s name would somebody kill themselves over something like this, leaving behind two children and a husband? I feel bad for the nurse, but why would she have even remotely believed that falling for a prank means more than being alive for her family? I’m more astounded by her actions than those of the DJs.   


So Mel and Michael……are you laughing now?? Was it funny Ha ha?? .As you two jokesters spend time with your families this holiday think of how Ms. Saldana’s family will be spending theirs. Some pranks are as bad as bullying. You should be fired indefinitely ……and wait for Karma to get you.   


I agree the DJs should be held accountable. Over here in the states it could be for involuntary manslaughter or something of that sort. My prayers are with her and the Duchess because you know she has to be feeling incredibly sad over this. People should really think before they act.   


I love how all of you perfect little princesses with your over developed senses of propriety get all indignant about something that YOU don’t happen to agree with, especially when it comes to something as subjective as art or comedy. 
Radio jocks and tv shows have been doing this kind of stuff for decades. We, as a society, have got to stop making people “victims” who have no accountability for their own actions. No one in a million years would expect a stable, healthy person (especially working in health care) to take such an extreme reaction. Unless of course, her job was threatened by the hospital, in which case THEY own as much of this. In short, get over it. 



  1. Perhaps it’s you who needs to go Mr Holleran. Your arrogance is astounding! Do you really expect this incident to be brushed under the carpet so easily? Wake up and smell the coffee! Your DJ’s will be subject to criticism on air for years to come if you leave them in post. No one really cares about how they feel. No one cares if they are shattered and fragile they deserve to feel that way after everything that has happened.

  2. I feel for those radio presenters! Who would have thought a prank call pretending to be the queen could lead to the nurse taking her own life. Doesn’t make sense that a mum would do this over just a call and leave her kids without a parent. what disciplinary actions were taken by the hospital? Those radio presenters will feel that guilt for the rest of their lives. I still feel suicide is a personal decision (a selfish one at that). If she (the nurse) was so close to the edge – why the hell was she working in a hospital where the well being of others depend on her? I still feel bigger questions should be asked.

  3. Isnt it strange when radio presenters think they are on top of the world they gloat about it, but when things go wrong, they run for cover and pretend to be devastated. Just to get one thing into perspective, the REAL victims are this mother and her family, not the loosers your employees who have caused this or you for allowing them to make the phone call in the first place, I wonder how smug you are all feeling now.

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