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Lady Gaga asks that you don’t wake her at the her new perfume launch, ‘Fame’ at the Guggenheim.

Lady Gaga is the consummate 'Fame' whore...
Lady Gaga is the consummate 'Fame' whore... Photography via Ricardo Garcia of redhot society.

Just when you think she’ll never top her last act…

Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Strahan, Paris Hilton and Yoko Ono were some of the many who gathered around in the Guggenheim museum on Thursday night to watch Lady Gaga…sleep.

Shocked ? Well nothing surprises me anymore in this industry, however like everything Gaga, it was quite the show. The recording artist invited all her famous and fabulous hawt bitches to watch her nap in a giant replica of a perfume bottle for the launch of her new scent ‘Fame’, while being served blood red margaritas by topless male models.

Onlookers were told to “Touch Lady Gaga’s hand, but please don’t wake her “ by a sign near the bottle and lined up to stick their eager hands through a peep hole to do just that. As if this party couldn’t get any weirder she then woke up, stripped down and sit tight as tattoo artist Mark Mahoney inked an elaborate Renaissance-era cherub tattoo on her neck.

“Fame” is named after Gaga’s multiplatinum 2008 album debut, “The Fame.” She has since released two consecutive albums: “The Fame EP” and “Born This Way.”

“I wanted it to be very sexy,” she told Access Hollywood. “And, I also wanted it to be a little bit slutty. I wanted it to have that sort of danger of a really beautiful stripper. It’s a fragrance for a woman that wants to be taken to bed, certainly.” 

Slutty? Hmm, does that sound anything that would interest anyone…?

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Lady Gaga works it...

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