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Did Kristen Stewart cheat on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with married director Rupert Sanders?

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US Weekly cover of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart with Rupert Sanders


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Love don’t live here anymore…?

It’s being reported this morning that one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses, Kristen Stewart has cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with Snow White and The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, after paparazzi caught her making out with the married director (you work it girl!).

In what is thought not to be bode too well for the actress (or will it?) photographers have caught her red handed in the embrace of Rupert Sanders whose photo is splattered all over the front cover of this week’s US Weekly. How’s that for currency and further extending one’s brand of media trash friendly?

Of course the media are dizzy with delight to have caught our collective heroine acting beyond her expected brand of perfect tea cup manners and then again there is the issue that her (ex?) boyfriend Robert Pattinson is also a preferred hawt bixch of Hollywood.

As for Rupert Sanders, the director is known to be married to a British model (some guys keep hitting lotto?) Liberty Ross with whom he had two children (hmm, the blood stains are making their way down the stairwell as we speak kids…).

Kristen for her part is completely mortified and has being seen anxiously holding her normally perfectly still cup of tea.

Preferred hawt bixches Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. On the outs?

Reports people (cause you know them bixches are always right): ‘Kristen is absolutely devastated. It was a mistake and a complete lapse in judgement . She wasn’t having an affair with Rupert.’

‘It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn’t have happened. She never meant to hurt anyone. She’s a good person who just made a bad choice.’

Kids sounds to me some publicist has been keeping late hours lately. Blah!

The allegations of Kristen cheating come months after our spawned hero Robert told Vanity Fair: ‘There is one thing I’ve never understood: Why people cheat. My parents met when my mom was 17 and my father 25, they are still together, and seem very happy.

‘I grew up believing that you can be together all of your life.’

Never mind Robert. Welcome to Hollywood.

Oh look who we have here? Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

Whilst Robert Pattinson might be thought to be privately licking his wounds, Rupert Sanders’ wife on the other hand is not. Bixch has gone out publicly to for a lack of better words to express her disillusionment (damn who cheats on British Vogue models?):

dailymail.co.uk: Rupert’s wife Liberty rather cryptically retweeted a quote from Marilyn Monroe, saying: ‘Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.’

She later followed this with another retweet, this time quoting American author and poet Maya Angelou, saying: ‘If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded.’

Liberty then simply wrote: ‘WOW’.

Following her tweets, Liberty appeared to have deleted her Twitter account.

Deleted her twitter account and maybe will soon delete her relationship to hawt bixch du jour Rupert Sanders?

Such are the illusions of Hollywood that keep helpless mortals like us guessing and panting for more. Careful not to knock any more tea Kristen….

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