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Transgender star Willam endorses right wing owning Chick-fil-A chow down.

Willam Belli
Willam Belli

‘Never mind, I can still poke my tongue at the bixches and get paid for it,’ is in in a nutshell what RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant William Belli and her cohorts Detox and Vicky Vox seem to be saying in this tongue and cheek commercial for Chick-fil-A, who just happened to be owned and run by right wing zealots.

The commercial which is done in perfect parody format to Wilson Philips’ ‘Hold on,’ acknowledges the banality of the endorsement  but at the same recognizes that even a girl has still at the end of the day got to get her feed on even if it’s at Chick-fil-A (yes even the right wing zealots are in on the joke). So much for boycotting one’s oppressors.

As William Belli asks out aloud: If drag queens endorse Christian-right owned Chick-fil-A, is it still an endorsement? Their answer? NOPE.

Also here’s a sample of one of the lyrics: “Please don’t sue us for libel/We just want meat without your Bible”

If a girl can’t laugh at herself she can at least laugh at her oppressors….

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  • Meshelly

    1. Willam is not Transgender she is a Drag Queen and 2. Chow Down at Chick-Fil-A was an Anti-endorsement, it’s satirical, it was meant as a statement of protest, not to actually endorse the right wing chicken lovers.

  • yeah, unless that is the reason he was disqualified from #DragRace … Willam is not Transgender.

  • Chance

    Willam is not transgender.

  • Scotty

    Willam Belli is not transgendered, right? She is just a Drag Queen.

    Or am I wrong? Has she transitioned?

  • Here’s the background information:
    Of course, that might ENCOURAGE some people to eat there, but people have Gay friends and family members generally WON’T.

  • Cristinabeitz

    Super funny and I get it.