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David Beckham for H&M. Would you hit it?


David Beckham is the newly annointed preferred hawt bixch….

Kids, it’s been an hour since I last took my lips off my teacup, instead allowing them to rest there as I imagined vibrant vivid things happening in my mind. VIvid things with the help and ‘love’ of man about town David Beckham.

Capitalizing on his fame, looks and omnipresent media hype (really does it get any easier than this?) David Beckham is set to unveil his latest foray into unabashed soft pornography on the eyes with the release of his David Beckham underwear line for H&M, Feb 2.

With his stern expression, manually pumped peen (as if we couldn’t tell) the doyen of beauty and dollar signs looks into the abyss, past our collective desire, our tremendous impulse to nuzzle in the scent and heavenly hew that is David Beckham, beads of saliva permanently marking the spot were we fist laid eyes on this vixen bixch.

For just under 1o pounds shouldn’t you buy into the David Beckham fantasy too?

Image via fashionista


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