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Devorah Rose- Shameless social climber or a misunderstood cover model?


to just the right people at the right time (when she needs publicity). She is hardly the only one, blogger poseur/blogger Micah Jesse has devoted his young life to photographing himself standing next to celebrities while reading from a script handed to him by a commercial sponsor of his own or the celeb and calls himself a social journalist rather than aspiring buffoon. Wait he has actually accomplished being a buffoon in fairness to him. Anyone who has ever taken more than two photos with a working camera and not their iPhone, knows exactly what this is, a pose by DR next to someone famous to make it look like she is the object of said famous person’s desire or that she has an intimate and personal relationship with him. Highly doubtful. And for the record, plenty of dudes wake up the next morning and think WTF was I doing. Things look far different in the morning light, after you have had your coffee and bowed to the porcelain god.

Advice to celebs who get asked to take a photo next to a “Perfectly Polished, Painfully Poised aspiring Socialite” think twice. And to those who intend to sell out their prey at hello, if you are going to be a star fucker, at least don some knee pads, get under the table and get to work.

Micah Jesse? Would did Micah ever do wrong? He’s just playing the field like every other media whore wanna be. Who said there had to be honesty and integrity? That after all would be asking for the impossible for those in the aspirational vocation of ‘please take as many pictures of me whilst I’m standing next to a carbon copy picture of what looks to be this week’s trending socialite/celeb/neolite or whatever goddamn term we like to use to describe people that we have come to believe are better than us and are worthy of fame, fortune and the necessary press.

Which brings me back to the shameless whoring of my friend Devorah Rose who had me thinking that I had the exclusive on her pajama behavior and sultry doomed trysts with a once relevant literary icon (sorry Salman, but let’s admit you’re no better than the game my friend Devorah plays at either….)

From there came another explosive comment from Mr London, which I have reprinted despite Devorah pestering me to delete it. Isabel who Mr London refers to is the lone Devorah fan who came to her defense.

“Isabel” ha ha. You need to examine what was written more closely about Devorah Rose. Horrible names?..  or simply outlining a course of conduct well documented and in some cases rather disturbing (see:The Anorexia Diaries?) in leading periodicals and by casual and not so casual observers over the last X number of years? The NY Times in a piece written by Laura Holson has called her “A Celebrity of Her Own Making” while I have mostly restrained myself from commenting and at one point actually tried to defend Ms. Rose’s Fame Game, relative to that of others in this city. There is a whole web site devoted to this type of activity: FameGame.com 

Devorah Rose’s quest to rise up the charts by any means necessary, including the sand bagging of as many unsuspecting people higher up on the human food chain or with a more significant fame quotient, like well known author and ladies man Salman Rushdie has been widely documented. It is her M.O. Everyone knows it.  DR is hardly the one only doing this. Socialite Transformers could be the name of her Reality TV Show (assuming she gets one)  because she literally looks like a different person each year. Ongoing plastic surgery and less invasive enhancements have literally transformed and continue to transform the one who has referred to herself as “Perfectly Polished, Painfully Poised” (how she has referred to herself on her own aptly titled blog). While some may commend the upstart Jewish socialite for her persistence, it is hardly a heady or noble life pursuit. As one confidante shared with me, folks like these in endless pursuit of reality fame are oblivious to the entire REAL world: inept and corrupt politicians, the evaporated middle class, destabilized financial system under the control of financial oligarchs and the impending economic collapse of America. America is being extracted. But DR sat next to Salman Rusdie and exchanged texts and simply had to insure that her brief and fleeting association went viral. As further stated to me privately by a casual observer who tuned into this melodrama: “It never ceases to amaze me the lengths these people will go for ‘status’ in the make-believe construct of their social microcosm.”

Fact is that the image herein hardly looks like that representative or indicative of some massive romance, deeply formed alliance or any kind of significant intimate relationship between Devorah Rose and Salman Rusdie.

And in terms of Christopher Koulouris’s remarks, all I can say is that I contribute editorial commentary and photos to Social Life Magazine, a collaborative effort among many, even if only one who is ‘Perfectly Polished, Painfully Poised’  stands out front claiming responsibility for it all. I wish my Editor in Chief were Cristina Greeven Cuomo  or someone of that ilk, who commands attention with her creativity, media savvy (to promote something other than herself) and intellectual spirit as much as for her good looks, grace, manners, style and lineage. That is unfortunately not the case.

Kids, at the end of the day it’s just shameless bloodletting, panty letting on facebook, twitter and whatever other outlet you can think of at the dead of night to get your mug out there. Call it new media, a brave new world or a pissed off journalist/blogger who only wishes his friend Devorah one day came clean about her complicit behavior and stopped waking up the friends who care about her in the dead of night to wonder out aloud why she is the unloved boor of the media world, Maxim covers and page 6 mentions aside. Either way I do wish her and Salman got back together, it would be a match in heaven. Right?

But lest there be any confusion I’ll let Mr London have the last words who has just emailed the following after a query I had sent him earlier this afternoon. Make up your own minds kids, just a shameless media whore or a misunderstood satin sheet cover model?

Devorah Rose a ‘Celebrity of Her Own Making’ as referred to by the NY Times,  is a hyper neurotic fame monster and a scandalous farce posing as a meaningful human being. She is irrelevant in NYC.  As the Society Editor of the publication Ms. Rose “serves” (for PR purposes) as the Editor in Chief, Social Life Magazine, I can tell you that I have not had a meeting with or discussion with this woman about any issues related to publication in several years. This woman gives ‘Stalkers’ and ‘Whores’ a bad name. Her simple quest to rise up in social recognition in tabloid media and reality television by any means necessary, including incessant plastic surgery, advocating Anorexia to wannabe socialites, constant sandbagging of  of as many unsuspecting people higher up on the human food chain or with a more significant fame quotient, like well known author and ladies man Salman Rushdie.  It is her M.O. Everyone knows it. Selling you out at hello is her M.O. Rushdie figured this out quickly.

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