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14 year old girl dies after Navy veteran who injected her with her heroin refuses to call 911.


Anchorage, Alaska. All 14 year old Jena Dolstad wanted to do was get high but she didn’t want to inject heroin by herself. That’s when Sean Warner stepped up to the plate and shot her up himself…

It’s quite possibly an addicts worst nightmare- having a fellow drug user overdose whilst getting high together. What does one do? Do they rush to emergency or hope for the best for fear by attracting authorities other serious legal ramifications will follow…? But then again what was one veteran Navy seaman doing with a 14 year old girl who despite his better judgement gave her a fix of high grade heroin which led to her being unconscious and then six days later claiming her life…?

dailymail.co.uk: On the tragic night which would lead to her death, Navy Veteran Sean Warner and two other men picked Jena up and took her back to Warner’s home to hang out, according to police reports. 

Warner was sharing a gram of heroin with two men when Jena then said she was willing to try something ‘new’ but did not want to inject herself, the court papers report.

Being the ever gracious host Sean Warner of course obliged her, because who could ever think of depriving a house guest of the good shit. Never mind this was her first time and that she was 14 years old and if one has to try heroin snorting it as opposed to shooting it would at least, worst case scenario be less inflammatory than shooting it up which often is a virulent high and is never for the feint of heart and hardly for the un initiated.

But shooting her high up proved to be difficult. Perhaps this should have been the first clue that this should never have meant to be. But Mr Warner was now adamant that little Jena just had to get her high.

Warner tried to inject Jena, but failed, so he had her lie down on his bed and hold out an arm, then used his belt as a tourniquet and shot 25 to 30 units of heroin, taking several times to find a vein, the papers say.

The two witnesses told authorities they left the Jena on the bed and found her the next morning, face down in her own vomit.

‘They felt for her pulse, sat her up, and grew concerned at her condition and upset at Warner’s ambivalence,’ the documents state.

Upset at Mr Warner’s ambivalence? Well Mr Warner by now must have realized he was in a whole lot of trouble so one assumes he wasn’t necessarily too keen to deal with things, especially after coming off his own harbinger experience….

Warner initially did not want to call 911 because of fears authorities would find drugs, and instead gave the teen Suboxone, a prescription drug used to treat opiate addicts, according to the court papers. 

He only called 911 after Jena began to convulse a couple of hours after he gave her the Suboxone, the papers say.

Is that like giving someone, especially a first time user, a 14 year old girl, a band aid for a hairline fracture? After all some band aids if you prey often enough can do magic. But then again when you’ve been shot with 25-30 units of heroin not even a fleet of bandages can make the blood stop. But let’s be fair to Mr Warner, he knew he’d be in a lot of trouble if he headed off to the authorities, so really can we really fault him for simply just trying to save his own ass at the expense of this young girl? After all, easy come, easy go. Right?

Eventually Mr Warner recanted and he and two other individuals took the 14 year old girl to hospital (but to be on the safe side he packed and dumped all the evening’s contents into a box and dumped it behind a trash bin down the street, contents that were later recovered by police who surmise that Mr Warner had probably wanted to distance his involvement with the young girl’ demise as much as possible) where she was found to have heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine in her system. Which is another way of saying everyone was having  a really good party except for the part where Jena overdosed.

Medics told authorities she had sustained damage to her brain and heart.

Authorities have said the heroin used is known on the street at “China White,” considered more potent than common tar heroin.

Which is to say, if you’re going to offer guests the good stuff why not only offer the very best stuff. Even to a first time user. Especially a 14 year old first time user. She is after all bound to get the shock of her lifetime and really isn’t that what it’s about? Getting her high and white and if you’re lucky who knows what a 14 year old girl is willing to do to get the next fix? Something that may have crossed the mind of the considerably elder Mr Warner, who might have been in the mood for a little bit of intimate getting to knowing session….which is not too uncommon when narcotics are involved, especially pretty under age girls.

Or perhaps he was just being a simpleton and like everyone else at the dinner table he just wanted to make sure his 14 year old house guest was getting her fair share of the sweets on the table. After all good manners is good manners….


At present Mr Warner is under arrest for delivering a controlled substance to a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and evidence tampering. He is also as the dailymail reiterates, charged with theft, accused of stealing a $900 surveillance system from Costco on the same day he took the girl to his home. At present he is being held on bail for $90 000 as well as now facing the additional charge of manslaughter.

Shouldn’t you be thinking about dropping by Sean Warner’s house one day deep into the future with your fourteen year old daughter/sister?

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  1. scallywag get real all you know is media hype and there is no truth to hype only to sell papers and newsratings for profit without considering the true facts there is a such thing as innocent before proven guilty and seans truth will prevall at trail i know everybodys thoughts and prayers are with jena as they should be even at peace in heaven so we move on to sean and the other men and find out the real truth behind this tragedy its been a few months sice this happen even so i was compell to comment for i belive in the truth and the will show a different light an ak resident with a heart and belive good comes from bad K.

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