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Williamsburg, Brooklyn fast becoming the heroin- crack squatter sexy hang out place for the disenchanted but (nearly) good looking.


williamsburg-brooklynWhen dreams collapse and you can’t afford to kick your habit…

We’ve noticed a flurry since the death of cool quotient artist Dash Snow (to heroin) to report about the re-splendid spiraling out of control community that ‘Hipster-burg’ has now become.

Broke, and addicted to awful habits that are hard to kick (even in the best of times) these ingénues are camping in derelict buildings, on the L line and begging for the money that will see them continue to remain good looking, high and disenchanted.

Anyway Gawker is betting that the sleaze factor is going to go up, we think it’s always been up there in the first place, it’s just now come out of the wood work and decided to shoot up and light up in front of you.

Anyway tip dearly and remember that in ten years time when you all become either a dead druggie or a famous artist or whatever you can tell your friends and fans you made it through the crunch of 2009.

When smoking crack and shooting up becomes an option in a sexy look good community with over priced lattes

No Charles Bukowski look alikes allowed unless authentically validated by your local crack dealer.

The ‘Heroin-Addicted Hobo’ Invasion of Williamsburg Has Begun

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  • Scallywag,

    ” Your coverage of substance abuse is jarring.”

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    Ghurron Briscoe

  • thisusernameisalle

    Duh. They just figured that out?

  • Safara

    OMFG that’s scary and unpleasant