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Daughter goes to say goodbye to her mother in the morgue, finds that she’s still alive and breathing.


I could have sworn this happened a few months back, but I suppose wrongfully pronounced death is a perennial subject in the tabloid world.

A Brazilian woman, Rosa Celestrino de Assis, went to an undisclosed hospital for pneumonia on Sunday.  She suffered two strokes; the nurse called in the doctor when she showed no vital signs.  The doctor then went ahead and sent her to the morgue.

In comes Rosangela Celestrino, her daughter, to give her mother one last hug.  Attendants unzipped the body bag, but Rosangela felt her mother still breathing.   She told O Globo, “I screamed out –my mom is alive!  And they all looked at me like I as crazy.”

De Assis was in cold storage for two hours.  When officials realized their mistake, she was incubated and put on life support.

Well, things could be worse.  The poor mother could have woken up in a body bag—that would be quite traumatic, I’d imagine.  Or wake up at her own funeral—now that’d be something.

Doctors these days.  Whattya gonna do besides sue, sue, sue.

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