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10 year old boy dies after his parents refuse to let him drink water for 5 days as punishment.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James

When I was growing up, if I misbehaved the worst I’d expect to receive was a quick backhand to my rear end and a thorough scolding. Not so in the case of one young boy, Jonathan James who had the misfortune of collapsing and dying in front of his twin brother, Joseph, after he was deprived of drinking water for 5 days as punishment.

And why was Jonathan punished? Because he made off with his brother’s guitar strings. Which makes me wonder, what would the punishment have been had Jonathan run off with the guitar instead? Actually I don’t have the courage to begin to wonder..

But just in case you’re not completely flabbergasted, there’s more. Brace yourselves…

Apparently after Jonathan collapsed, Jonathan’s parents, Michael Ray James and Tina Maria Alberson opted to put him in the bath that way when authorities were finally called over, they could explain to them in a matter of fact way that Jonathan had been feeling ill lately and that  by placing him in the bathtub all they were trying to do was cool off their boy.

That of course is not the way authorities saw it after they did some snooping around…

Sent in for an autopsy it was later decided that Jonathan had in fact died of dehydration, which is consistent to being deprived water for a certain amount of days. In the absence of complete ignorance Joanthan’s parents must have been completely aware what they were subjecting their son to.

If convicted both parents could expect to face a total of 99 years in prison. Such it seems are the disdainful affairs of certain child rearing arrangements in certain families….


10-Year-Old Victim’s Twin Wanted to Help: MyFoxDFW.com

  • Tim

    I get tired of hearing “cruel and unusual punishment” when low life scum (such as these) are being sentenced to not the likings of some. I feel that if people committ crimes such as this, (HOT SAUCE MOM) and the three who tortured the girl by putting her in a trunk, made to eat and have dog fecies rubbed on her for “taking a popsicycle” the same should be done to them. If the people who have bleeding hearts over the EYE FOR EYE AND TOOTH FOR A TOOTH method than they better hope nothing of the sort happens to them or the people they love.

  • whatever

    seriously people, this is attrocious! Parents need to be sentenced to death & I really mean that.
    They don’t deserve a lawyer – a lawyer is ONLY for those who may be innocent – we know they are not therefore thay don’t deserve one & what kind of low life lawyer scum takes on the defense of people like this????
    this is her info – let her know!

    1825 Market Center Blvd
    Dallas TX
    (214) 741-3677



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  • BrokenSpineThesaurus

    Could someone translate this article into English?

  • Ted

    Guitar strings are expensive, but that’s completely over the top. I hope those bastards never see daylight again.

  • Powell

    My faith in humanity has just been lowered

  • This is so incredibly sad…