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Pippa Middleton continues to live the high life with ex, Duke George Percy.


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While her sister, Kate, honeymoons at an undisclosed location at a cost of 45 000 pounds per night, Pippa on the other hand continues to live the high life with ex flame Duke George Percy over in Madrid.

dailymail.co.uk: Yesterday, the 26-year-old Mr Percy came in handy on a boat trip in Retiro Park, Madrid’s largest park.

No one had to lift a finger as the son of the Duke of Northumberland – one of Britain’s richest men – showed off his rowing skills.

It marked a sedate moments in what appears to have been quite a lively trip.

Earlier Miss Middleton had dressed in a smart beige skirt, black jacket and heels, and partied until 4am at a swanky bar, The Penthouse.

Which strikes us compelling work if you can get it…

On Friday night the group spent the evening at the city’s exclusive Fortuna nightclub – Miss Middleton carrying a bottle of champagne in her red bag.

And if it was a heavy night, Pippa wasn’t going to let it show, emerging on Saturday morning sporting dark sunglasses and wearing a strapless black-and-white spotted sundress as she led her friends on a shopping and sightseeing trip, tourist map in hand.

After a few hours on their feet the group stopped at a cafe for a glass of wine. Pippa was spotted stifling a laugh as she gave her approval to photographs taken on a friend’s camera.

And for now Pippa and her entourage will continue to bask in the glory of their extraordinary life. Until recently, a young woman who no one had heard of and suddenly now the preferred eye candy and seductress making her international rounds.

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