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Pippa Middleton travels to Madrid with her ex, with current boyfriend nowhere in sight.

Pippa and her girlfriends who also came to Madrid catching the sights.

Pippa and George. A new couple or just ex flames?

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Pippa Middleton continues to live the high life with ex, Duke George Percy.

Pippa Middleton is now bringing the action to Madrid.

First Ibiza, now Madrid. Seems like Pippa Middleton has a real affinity with Spain. And there may be reason for this…

dailymailco.uk: It has only been a few days since Pippa Middleton was at the centre of speculation that she was about to tie the knot with her devoted boyfriend Alex Loudon.

But the City trader was nowhere to be seen when 27-year-old Pippa flew to Madrid for a  weekend away with the girls…and her ex.

She was relaxed and happy in the company of old flame George Percy, the 26-year-old  son of the Duke of Northumberland, one of Britain’s richest men.

Not seeking to offer any rash judgements, one ought to be curious what’s inspired this visit to Madrid, and why Pippa has chosen to make the trek not with her purported current flame, but with her ex flame- George Percy, who it is widely understood to come from vast wealth.

They dated while at Edinburgh University, where they were also flatmates, and have been friends for nearly ten years.

George helped Pippa with her luggage, pushing their trolley through Madrid airport on Friday, before heading to a hotel.

They emerged with friends at dusk, with Pippa carrying a bottle of champagne in a red bag, and headed to nearby Fortuna nightclub, one of Madrid’s most exclusive.

Pippa and her girlfriends who also came to Madrid catching the sights.

Are we to really believe these two are just great old friends? Just flying down to Madrid to partake in some exclusive revelry, or some exclusive chicanery?

And if it was a heavy night, Pippa wasn’t going to let it show, emerging yesterday morning sporting dark sunglasses and wearing a strapless black-and-white spotted sundress as she led her friends on a  shopping and sightseeing trip, tourist map in hand.

Sporting dark sunglasses because one must take appropriate precaution to guard against a ruthless Spanish sun, or perhaps sporting dark sunglasses to protect against the ravages of a ruthless evening of misadventure and the pursuant ruthless browbeating that the paparazzi is wanton to give should it notice a hint of adulterous wear and tear?

After a few hours on their feet the group stopped at a cafe for a glass of wine. Pippa was spotted stifling a laugh as she gave  her approval to photographs taken on a friend’s camera.

Perhaps to be quite fitting, Pippa’s real love affair isn’t necessarily the one she may be having with her on and off boyfriend du jour or ex, but rather the press corps who have taken to an irresistible liking to their new lady in waiting…and one must imagine her in return.

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