Home Scandal and Gossip Pippa Middleton would like to explain how she got her figure.

Pippa Middleton would like to explain how she got her figure.

If only I could have a slice of tiramisu bitches...

How to make it in show business...

Pippa Middleton wants to let you know at this year’s French Open she is where all the action is.

‘Never mind the marmalade crumpets- I’m on a strict carbohydrates diet…’

Ever wonder how your favorite celeb get to look ‘hawt to trot?’

dailymailco.uk: After the wedding, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite guests were each sent a piece of their sumptuous wedding cake.

But don’t ask Pippa what the fruit cake it tasted like – she follows a strict no carbs diet.

The maid of honour’s perky posterior is said  to be the product of the intensive ‘core-strength’ exercises she practises in her regular Pilates classes.

Pilates? No carbs. Do you get the impression Pippa is suffering in her ivory tower?

Hustling on the streets of London in her svelte denim outfit- Pippa makes media types croon.

‘Her idea of a hearty meal  is a few salad leaves washed down with green tea,’  I am told.

Strange our idea at the office of a hearty meal consists of a fat side of charbroiled plank of rib with as much sauce and dressing on the side with the heartiest of hand cut fries flanking the beef. And as far as green tea goes, I think the chipmunks we keep at the office can agree that a few schooners of the good stuff goes along way in keeping us as Pippa likes to remark- ‘energized.’

And then there is this:

The 27-year-old refers to the sessions as a ‘weekly necessity’.

Which is another way of saying your propensity to care about Pippa depends on her ability to keep herself looking the part she has been sequestrated to play.

Isn’t it time you too become a celebrity one day?

If only I could have a slice of tiramisu bitches...


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