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Why older men lust after young women?

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But in case you think there are young women who enjoy and seek relationships with men considerably older than them, Schwyer has this to say:

Lynn Phillips, a psychology professor at New York University, did a famous study of young women (mostly under legal age) who were in relationships with significantly older men. Most of the girls she interviewed described these affairs as mutual, exciting, and fulfilling. They pushed back against the suggestion that they were being exploited, claiming in many cases to have initiated or at least welcomed the sex with older men. Phillips then interviewed a similar number of older women. Each of these was over 30, and each had been in a relationship with a much older man while still in her teens. With the benefit of hindsight and experience, these older women acknowledged that they’d been used and hurt and exploited. They admitted that their claims of maturity and sexual adventurousness were all a pretense. In other words, what Phillips found is that while there are some teen girls who are “asking for it,” it’s not what they really want. Teen girls feign sexual sophistication; men need to be able to see through that.

If the author of this article can chime in at this juncture- it would be to say, that he too has had relationships with women up to 15 years his junior. At the time it struck me as mutually beneficial, but the more time I spent time with my live in 19 year old (as a 34 year old man at the time) the more I became repulsed at the relationship and how on some level I had been relegated to a surrogate daddy, forced to pick up after all her expenses and to handhold her the minute a new pimple appeared on her face.

It wasn’t long before I detached myself from her and she went running back to mummy. On some level- I too was certainly enticed by her beauty but ultimately starved in what I ultimately  I was seeking in a partner- maturity, sophistication and the ability to be inspired. No matter how beautiful a young woman is, it’s very hard for her to inspire a man considerably older than her, especially if he has been fortunate to travel and accomplish many things. But a quick look out the moving car and it seems to be endemic as men, it’s perfectly fine for us guys to continue lusting after younger women…

Ultimately it comes down to the individual male to come clean with himself- why he pursues younger women and if there is really a connection beyond her looks that has him coming back to women who intuitively one would argue have very little to offer a well adjusted male in his 30’s and beyond. But then again, despite the socializing of what one would consider austere male behavior, young women will always aspire to older men and vice versa. Call it unhealthy or just a perforated attempt at love and lust while the blinders are still on…

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  1. You sound like a jilted old Hag ..prob with a mostash and breast down to her knees…sorry to inform u but us guys age with style..and take care of our younger woman in bed as well…either way ur just a bitter bit– who has slept around and has two kids from two different guys…u sound like a real “keeper”…

  2. oh and by the way i actualy used to love my partner, he wasnt ritch but i thort he was nice and kind , i was never botherd about money, even then he always gorped at the sunday sport and page threes, anything in a short skirt tits hanging out or low top and still would even with a 23 yr old women and him being a not the best looking of men at all! and him being 34, ladies if your reading this, if you are as hard as nails and want the daft gits money and screw them for all you can go for it thats there prob . if not try and find someone you love if thats poss. go for it dont settle for a stupid older man with a big wallet and nothing else

  3. the true reason u sad old buggers even when a have a younger women still hanker after more cause your greedy and pathetic!. truth is your balls shrink as well as your brains and you think a younger model will make you feel younger, rain check, most of you are sad old gits who cant please a woman sorry u dont get erections much or cant actualy ejaculation during sex, not much sperm so you seek a younger version of your wife to try and prove your a man hey asswipes… your not i never had a baby with my “fantastic older man “, i had my kids by two young lads when i was young not by my usless old turd of a man. remember that sory saddos your dick may not work now and again and u luck few even your shrunken balls might, but these lovely fertile young women may put up with you for a while if your ritch, even a bit longer when she sleeps with others behind your back with much younger men by the way! i hope by the way you sad gits ending up with the gold diggers and silicone tits more than anything your lovely wives or exes end up with a much younger fertile guy with big balls as well as the rest, i tell you know they deserve it more than you sad creatures!

  4. > The great lengths to which countless men go to avoid fatherhood suggests that the continued evolutionary imperative to “spread one’s seed” is oversold to the point of being illusory.

    Complete misunderstanding of evo-psych, here. Genes don’t have volition, but a gene that encourage male promiscuity with young fertile women will simply spread by mechanical process throughout a population (promiscuity with fertile women -> more children -> more promiscuous males). Social factors like birth control methods are a recent innovation which are genetically insignificant, compared to primates’ millions of years of evolution.

    In short, men are wired to find young fertile women desirable not because they want to have babies, but because their ancestors who exhibited that behavior had more children than those who didn’t. It’s not rocket science. Of course, social conditioning and aberrant behavior (genetic outliers) can and do influence mate selection, but statistically speaking, the evolutionary trend is dominant.

    An old fat woman simply has less sexual value than a young healthy one, for the majority of the male population. And it has next to nothing to do with social factors, despite what PC “thinkers” believe.

  5. As a single male who’s now 43 and works in Theatre and the Film Business.. women in my own age bracket are very taken with families and husbands, or they’re … well.. they’re ( I don’t know where they are ..Yoga classes maybe, seeing regional theatre and musicals… ) Plus, it’s my business… women in their 30’s and up in the live arts… seriously I could shoot a cannon…and not hit one….

    But, even in the real world… Eligible women, somewhere around 32 and up just sort of dissappear from the places that single guys still hang out in the dating scene ( downtown night clubs, bars ) The great ones are all scooped up by 28.

    And, the rest…. after a while they even disappear from the places and things that males pursue as hobbies… mountian biking , team sports, rock climbing, etc….

    Or, they’re in super pressure, business career mode after suffering as somebodies assistant thru their 20’s and have no time to date. ( Or, in my case, don’t find a cutural blue collar worker an attractive male partner … I’ve had women in their 30’s say they dated film techs like me in their 20’s and would never do it again ) Or they’re traveling on their own or with best friends, having waited to long to find that guy with the same wanderlust.

    Plus, and maybe it ‘s because for every terrible woman I’ve had a relationship with, there’s 10 times more Guy douch-bags.. SIngle women in the world have put up with so many broken promisses and cheating then I ever had and they’re just …well… Done with guys… or very hurt, and bitter.

    But, young women?! they’re happy, open and interesting and enjoying guys seeing them for sexual beings, and older guys aren’t so alkward or fast talkers as 20 something guys… , and 20 year old women these days? … they’re so fascinating, and cultured, they have so much potential. Plus as an older guy I don’t expect to get anywhere with them… so I’m not desperate… and women of any age can smell desparation like a cheap perfume on a guy…. So, I do better by far with 20 something women now as a 40 year old then I ever did when I was their age…. BUT, those attractive single women my age that might give me a chance? Stop being so aloof or bitter… I’m waiting… The 20 year old always do the math about a few weeks in and stop comming over…

  6. I think it is very hard for a man to except that he is ageing a nd by being with a younger woman it makes him feel younger again. Don’t get me wrong there are quite a few younger woman that besides the beauty of their faces and the toneish of their skin have it very together mentally those are real catches and want to be with you for who you are vnot the gold diggers that are out for one thing and they really don’t care about the other person at all

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